Thursday, July 24, 2008

Puppet Master

Meet my daughter's new best friend. It's nice to make friends. She found this at the bottom of her toy box after watching the Muppet movie the other day and has become completely obsessed. This puppet belonged to me as a child and now my daughter is wild about her. I spent hours being a puppet yesterday, and though my daughter realized it was me who was talking and moving the puppet, she became so engrossed in the conversation with the puppet that I think it was almost real to her. When I decided to turn back into a mama person and told my daughter that the puppet was tired and needed a nap, she was quite upset. She took the puppet into her room and talked to her telling her to wake up. A few minutes later she called "Mama," I went to her room and she said in complete deadpan, "Mama, see. Look, she's dead," and to emphasize her point she held the puppet by the hair and dropped her to the ground in a limp pile.

The puppet has since been revived and can get my daughter to answer questions that she would otherwise ignore. It's pretty cute the way she engages with the puppet (who has no name) but, I don't know that I can keep up with the demands of being a full-time puppet. I think I may have to inform my daughter that Hollywood has called and puppet may have to go to California, she's in negotiations for her own talk show.

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