Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Rainy Day Song

The rain keeps falling and it's a quiet morning at the cottage. With my mug of coffee and my honey toast I put on a morning song.

Alela Diane is kind of a local gal, I got to see her live last summer and thought her songs were real pretty.

Here is the one I listened to today.


Sherri B. said...

Very nice song. The video is interesting...I will ponder on it for awhile.

About the music question. I must confess that I don't listen to much unless I am on my long drives, then I surf stations between Seattle and Portland and actually find I like all sorts. Yesterday it went from Pink Floyd to The Bee Gees, Yikes!...Oh and speaking of pink I love Pink Martini.

I like that The Engineer made the first comment yesterday...how funny.

Bianca said...

oh! ENVY!!! I can't see your clip becasue my stoopid work computer doesn't allow film. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alela Diane!!
My total fav (amongst the regular favs of tatted lace and white as diamonds) is that one....oooh I can't remember what its called!!! "the sea beneath the cliffs is as blue as my mothers eyes that came from the blue in her mothers eyes, thrown on down the line....."... hang on, i'll googgle it. Duh! Age old Blue! That one. oh! Enjoy enjoy getting to see her for real! Definately Rainy Day lovliness!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Lovely! My little guy likes it too, he just ran over to tell me to turn it up louder...enjoy your day!

Tas said...

Love her voice. Thanks for sharing :)

lifeshighway said...

Oh I love her voice. You have shared a very special gift.

Wonderful. I will quest purchasing a copy of this.


Mom L said...

Thank you! It's beautiful.

Nancy in Iowa

Mom L said...

I found her on Pandora - I listen to that a lot, and have several stations. They're playing Pieces of String now, and will then move on to similar music.


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