Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The little picture

I must admit to feeling a little lost lately. There is so much to do and the 'Big Picture' seems a bit overwhelming sometimes. Do you ever feel that way? I started off the day yesterday full of determination and spirit, accomplished a few tasks, then lost steam along the way.

I thought maybe if I just focused on the 'little picture' and took one step at a time, I might be alright.

My bedroom dresser was piled with papers, cold medicine, the aftermath of a little girl playing dress up with mama's jewelry, and dust. Certainly I could manage that. As I started to sift through the debris, I took note of the little pictures upon the dresser. Like diminutive scenes, or varied landscapes in a tiny territory.

Each little vignette telling a part of the story. The odd assortment of cherished junks from the salty sea to deep in the mountains and all spots in between.

What a strange amalgamation of impracticality is the planet of my dresser. Yet, when looking at it in a series of little pictures, I am captivated and attached and slightly enamored of it all.

Are you a 'Big Picture' person, or a 'little picture' person?

What is on your dresser?


Ted and Agnes said...

What a wonderful selection of lovlies on your dresser Rx

Flaming Nora said...

Currently the big picture is way too overwhelming. Teeny tiny pixie bite sized pictures are good by me!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I'd like to be a little picture person but really I'm a big picture and panic person!
Vivienne x

m.e (Cathie) said...

sometimes that big picture is just o overwhelming!
I don't know what I am at the moment, big or little picture.
living one day at a time, not really focusing on further than that.
it gets like that at times.
glad you took the time to look at the little pictures & enjoy what is around you.
big hugs ♥

littlechrissy said...

I'm definitely a little picture person. I live by my list book (yes I have a book for writing lists because my life seems to fall apart without them) and am attached to a myriad of little bits and pieces that would mean nothing to anyone else, but carry scraps of cherished memories for me.
I mainly have jewellery on my dresser, but my favourite thing is an antique pill box given to me by my Grandma, and inside it are some friendship pins I made her when I was in primary school. She kept them for 28 years until she died.

Lindsay Jewell said...

It depends on the day. Today I'm decidedly a 'little picture' person, but I'm hoping that will all change tomorrow.

Sherri B. said...

My dresser? Hahahaha, I laughed when you asked that. Well, as I was packing to leave this morning, I thought, "When are you going to clean this dresser off?" I have the same dust as you, two round vintage mirrors that need to be hung, three vintage tins with my necklaces in them, all tangled of course. Similasons eye drops that went into the suitcase and a blouse that my sweet daughter-in-law bought me 3 sizes too small (love is blind)and finally got put into a bottom drawer..for that day when I am 25 again. Ha. - I like that you stopped seeing the 'mess' and saw the beauty..those things really are all about you. xo