Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Rhymes with Mermaid?

Crafty Fail

I was all set to do a little crafty blog post on the small one's latest mermaid fixation. I wanted to whip up a half an hour mermaid doll named Bluebelle. However, enthusiasm and good intentions do not always produce top notch results. I have had to let it go, with lessons learned, and notes to self taken.

Notes To Self:

Note #1. You need more than a half an hour to make a mermaid doll.
Note #2. Draw arms in proportion to body (instead of teeny tiny stick arms that look ridiculous!).
Note #3. Bigger Fins!
Note #4. That really groovy vintage gold and blue shimmery fabric that frays like a *%^##@*!!!! is the worst fabric ever to use on a doll with teeny tiny seam allowances and will only cause misery and shame!
Note #5. The yarn you used for the hair is super cool, remember that for next time.
Note #6. Yes, it's worth a second try, but give it some time.

No one likes a crafty fail, but it happens and we learn. If I ever do get it right, I'll be sure to let you know.


Claire the Shepherdess said...

I love her! She's byootiful! I wouldn't call her a fail, but I understand the issues, especially that seam allowance one. Ugh. I think mermaids with handspun yarn for hair would be just the thing! ;-)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I cannot think of a single word that rhymes with mermaid, well one that appears in the dictionary anyway.
I agree, super cool hair. :)
Vivienne x

REread said...

Ha ha ... I do that too, just start something without a pattern or plan ... But, you need first attempts as that's how you make stuff better!

mel @ loved handmade said...

That's one very pretty failure, she's beautiful!

june at noon said...

Love the concept, love the hair. A friend of mine makes really sweet mermaid dolls on etsy (snookumsandme), but I think she's out of stock at the moment....

Katiebee said...

i think she is adorable!

teddybearswednesday said...

um I'm not seeing anything resembling a failure here, but I know the maker needs to be happy ( coming from she who made 5 bear heads to get the "right" one)
PS Bandaid?

Miriam said...

Hallo from Germany!
I just discoverede your blog.
We scream, you scream, icecream.
See you

Sherri B. said...

Oh, I think it turned out very nice, maybe only you can see that it is not right...I'm thinking P.G. would love it as-is.

I have 2 shameful aprons that I made for the granddaughters...with the same thought process as yours, except, if I were to show my bad aprons, everyone would see right off my mistakes, hahaha!

Have a wonderful weekend! xo

vintage grey said...

Well, I think it is absolutely adorable!! Love the hair, and the pretty fabric!! What a sweet name for her, too!! Have a lovely weekend!! xo Heather

JLVerde said...

Aww, she's not a fail. She's just destined for the Island of Misfit Toys!

Great color combos (I thought the yarn was beads at first!). An for the tail, if you wanted to use that awesome (fray-tastic) fabric you could make the tail with one big fin and then embellish to make it look fluted.

andrea creates said...

she's cute anyway :)

harmony and rosie said...

Oh crikey she is awesome and the hair is super cool. I would definitely give her a cuddle, even though I'm a little on the old side for that!
Happy weekend xox

Tas said...

Well, I think that she is a fabulous fail.

Glad to see that you made it home safely. I am sorry that your plea for money from Spain got caught up in my spam filter ;) Can't think why.