Friday, August 24, 2012

The Couch that Mocks Me: A Retrospective

I threatened, now I follow through! A brief pictorial history of "The Couch that Mocks Me" From the early days to the present, a look at the many shades of mocking. You have been warned.

The couch in it's pure state, before I started to play dress up in an attempt to mellow it's mocking ways

Ah, the beginning, before the white walls!

And so it begins in earnest with the white walls and my collection of vintage sheets

Perhaps one of my favorite 'on the wall above the mockery' displays

So there you have it, a good and strange look into the life of such a sofa.
And this, this is only a small selection in the history of 'The Couch that Mocks Me'! What does the future hold? What guise will it take next? Will it continue to mock me? I do believe the answer to that is a most inevitable Yes!

We are off on a last Hoorah! before Summer ends and school begins! Have a wonderful weekend!


Sherri B. said...

It might mock you, but you must admit, it is quite a good sport about it all.

I think my favorite dress up, is the yellow ensemble..very pretty!

Have fun on the last Hoorah! ox

Flaming Nora said...

I think I am favouring the yellow and turquoise ensemble. I can't wait to see the new ways it will invent to mock you! have a fab last Hurrah.

Ted and Agnes said...

has to be the vintage sheet for me every time ...rx

My Bearded Pigeon said...

I love that you have documented your lounge's life! Mine seems really boring now- although obviously the cushions have changed!
have a fabulous last Hurrah! x

vintage grey said...

Love your dress up for your sweet couch!! So many pretty coverings!! The vintage quilts and sheets are my favorite! xo Heather

teddybearswednesday said...

I think your couch is lucky to have so many different guises and "clothes" if you will.
My couch just gets covered in stuff and more stuff and the gets pins and needles stuck into it.

Pomona said...

From your tone, I feel that a bonfire is looming. I love the sheets and the patchwork and I feel that your sofa is more self-effacing than you allow ...

Pomona x

my little red suitcase said...

hmm, quite folksy/scandi with the deer and cover, like it! Heather

june at noon said...

Well, mock you it may, but I love how you've handled it! The first quilt photo--I have a very similar quilt that was made by my grandmother. Sadly, it was used very hard (as it was intended to), and it's in tatters now. So nice to see one in its original glory!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Hope the last hurrah was suitably hurrah-ish.

Furniture with attitude can be so tiresome ;) But at least yours is well dressed :)

Floss said...

Wonderful restrospective - I always wonder how your couch (mocking or otherwise) looks so neat and tidy and tucked in! My sofa equivalent (which is really a 'settle' I suppose) is usually rumpled and semi-untucked. I am, however, absolutely delighted with the hemp sheets and will post a photo of them in situ one of these days! I shall put an end to my sofa's mocking ways, mark my words!