Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stitched Journal Project - March

The Stitched Journal Project is: Makers from around the world creating one "page" or piece of work per month and sharing. It is a project to get the ideas flowing, to process the days in a creative way, to try new techniques and to push past fears that keep us from making something.  It isn't about perfection, or getting it "just right," it is about process and perspective.
March - Hand painted wool felt, embroidery on cotton

Oregon Spring.
I said elsewhere that there should be a song about the Oregon Spring. It should be full of difficult country-jazz chord progressions and unexpected key changes. March is both Lion and Lamb, and here - they come and go as they please and leave you guessing.
March is full. Full of morning frost and anniversaries of loss. It is also full of celebration, birthdays, new life, happy wonderful beginnings and a lot of doings.
March is full, and so very busy. Still, in a few of those days that broadcast Spring, where the sun shone and offered a chance to dig deep, to lift the soil, to break one's back in the heavy labour and illogical act of gardening... I took to it like a house afire, with the idea of promise and a strong relationship with the soil!

So my simple stitching reminds me of working in the garden. I didn't have a lot of time to work on my piece, in fact it came down to a last minute free for all. I'm ok with that. Simple is good and plain is alright. I am reminded of the hard and simple work of promise, of making something with my hands.

Below you will find links to the wonderful makers and their Stitched Journal Project pieces for March. Please keep your eyes on this spot in the next couple of days as more add their links. Be sure to visit them and leave comments!

If you think you would like to join in as well, it's not too late!  We will be sharing our pieces the last Friday of every month at least until the end of the year. We'd love to have you.

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Anonymous said...

This piece has a wonderful melody. It reminds me of asparagus shooting out of the ground- yum!
I'm inspired to try my hands at embroidery in April. So many ideas!

Anne Wheaton said...

Such a soothing arrangement, like beautiful plant labels standing proud in the garden. Can't wait to see what everyone else has made.

Simona said...

I like that it so simple and really nice colours. Simona

vicky myers said...

I'm inspired - meant to work on something to link up after seeing last months creations, off to find fabric scraps, threads etc.. now:)

Jennifer Hays said...

I love it, especially the little stitches at the sides of each stalk, connecting it to the backing.

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is so neat and precise... I love it :)

Sherri B. said...

Your creation is fascinating, it reminded me of a forest pretending to be a city.
I'm sorry I don't have a piece this time but will be enjoying all of the other contributions.

Have a great weekend and try to stay dry! xo

Annie Cholewa said...

I see a picket fence in this piece, and fresh tilled soil, and rows of green seedlings ... do you have all those things in your garden or is it just that your words have suggested them to me? Either way I'm liking the look of this version of an Oregon spring.

And thank you so much for your comment on my Stitched Journal post x

Jenny said...

Really lovely work and I enjoyed reading all about your inspiration for it

june at noon said...

It turned out really lovely, and I enjoyed the "journal about the journal."