Friday, May 2, 2014

Getting the Jump

Today I am:

Getting the jump on some Summer sewing for my girl. An old pattern that has been traced and changed and made bigger with endless options... so easy peasy to sew, I could probably make it in my sleep. Long tunics to go over capris and shorts. In shades of green with plans for other color combinations.

Planning a garden makeover for a raggedy patch in the sun. Making lists of plants for a "Bee and Tea" garden. I know there is more that I can do for those precious honey bees! Plus, many of the plants that bees love are also good for making lovely tea blends.

Trying to make our new kitten feel safe and comfortable so she stops hiding under he bed.

Hoping the weather holds for tomorrow's trip to the Farmer's Market. I'm in the mood for fresh peas! Our peas in the garden have a while before they produce.

Enjoying the warm day and of course, there is always laundry!

What about you?


Jennifer said...

I love those tunics. Can you suggest a pattern? I've been looking for one for awhile. My daughter is currently in size 5, going into size 6.

june at noon said...

Sounds pretty great! The tunics are sweet! I am trying to push myself into getting caught up on work projects. One got a little away from me (due to outside circumstances), which threw me off on another, and so it went. *sigh*

Frances said...

Your final line about the Laundry really made me smile. Early this morning I attended to that chore, and was so, so glad that my apartment building's basement laundry room offered enough working machines (wash and dry) to get my project done and folded easily.

Your pretty sewing project does suggest that many more color combinations will be created. It's a great design.

Wish I had a garden.

That adorable little kitten will soon be out from her shyness zone and taking charge of your entire household. I write this as someone whose childhood only included dogs, so might be way off base.


mel @ loved handmade said...

I love this pattern so much! I don't feel very confident in my sewing ability, but I might have to try these, my olive would live in them all year round. Enjoy the warmer weather you lucky ducks x

Jo said...

My oh my, I have been making these too! Check out my combinations on yesterdays blog post. I like those garden colours on yours.

Jo x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Gorgeous tunics! And I'm loving the idea of a bee and tea garden!!

Apologies for the lack of stitching last month Alex, life rather got away from me :(

Anonymous said...

Those tunics look so pretty, practical and wearable. A good parent/child compromise. I would also be interested in pattern details.

Lindsay McCoy said...

Your daughter is lucky to have such a creative mom. Those tunics are beautiful.