Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fresh Eggs are Here!

Well, exciting news friends! All three of our ladies are laying at last! We all discussed it as a family and we all did agree that there is nothing quite so wonderful as fresh eggs from your own back yard. Tis true. 

Why just yesterday, I was a'wondering what I could possibly eat for my lunch. You see I was quite famished and I had not yet made my trip to the market for the week. I looked high and low and nothing seemed quite right, nothing seemed to do.  Then I spied a slab of homemade bread and the last of the Summer tomatoes and took a quick trip out to the coop to see 2 little brown eggs awaiting me! Scrambled on toast with toms, honestly one of the best things I've eaten in an age! Pure goodness I tell you.

So, thank you ladies and hooray! You have my deepest gratitude and respect.


Jennifer Hays said...

Isn't it wonderful? One of mine just started laying again after going through a bad molt since the end of winter. Her eggs are funny, they have white bumps all over them. I think she's trying to get the hang of it again.

Between Me and You said...

Hens love titbits from the kitchen too. It seems to make them lay better as well. Egg mayonnaise made with those fresh eggs is divine....and Quiche with anything you like added...and Fritatta, especially if you have any fresh courgettes (zucchini) from your garden to add to it. I could go on and on....!