Monday, October 13, 2008

Devotion and Doubt

I was talking with a fellow designer yesterday about motivation, how one keeps motivated in times of self doubt and discouragement. We both agreed that it was beneficial to hear stories of other artisans who have struggled with similar issues. To hear how they have overcome these, as well as other obstacles. While most of us do not like to show off our less than stellar achievements, I think it does some service to share the awkward side of our processes, the good, the bad, and the ugly. To know that we are human among other humans (warts and all), to be supported during times of success, as well as failure - is indeed encouraging. While doubt creeps in from time to time, the devotion wins out and we keep on keepin' on.

And now this...

This is the design I have been working on. It is amazing how fabric can affect a piece, both for the positive and the negative, so...keep in mind this is not a finished product. If I were intending this to be a wearable dress, well, better fabric indeed. The hem and the armholes are left raw at this point, so there is a little pulling at the under-arms. As far as fit goes, it's nearly spot on. I had feared that when worn the fall of the center panel might have some trouble, I was right. To correct this I put a crinoline/petticoat under the dress and that solved the problem. Ummm, crinoline? So, it's not going to be an everyday dress. Ladies Tea anyone?

I am pleased that the actual design came fairly close to my original vision (it doesn't always work out that way); however there is still quite a bit of work or re-working that needs to be accomplished before I let it go. I think I need to leave it alone for a while, stop obsessing and come back later with fresh eyes. In the meantime, there is a jacket pattern that is calling my name.


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Anonymous said...

"there is a jacket pattern that is calling my name."

A jacket pattern? Like My Morning Jacket?

I love watching your process. It's so nice to know that others are going through self-doubt when practicing their craft!