Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sometimes A Great Notion

I have been thinking of my Nanan, my maternal grandmother Harriett. She was a wonderful seamstress,as well as a notorious crafter and the ultimate DIY queen. My mother has often told me stories of the amazing clothes my grandmother made for her when she was a child. Harriett would take note of the latest fashions in department stores and magazines, then from memory and without pattern, she would sew up a version of her vision; not an exact copy but, a likeness embellished with her own taste and style. I am wishing that I could borrow some of my Nanan's vast sewing experience right now.

I took the bad drawing from the back of the grocery receipt and started drafting a pattern and began the mock-up or muslin. I'm stuck. Can not figure out the next piece. I have tackled it 3 times today and could not get the solution. I can see the finished piece so clearly in my mind, so much so that I know there is a solution. Maybe if I sleep on it (or rather lie awake for hours obsessing on it), Nanan will send me a dream that will point me in the right direction.

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