Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Creative Space

I haven't posted much about it but, I actually have been doing some work in the"studio". Though I don't have a lot I can show you at the moment, I thought I might give you the grand tour of my creative space. I have held off doing so due to lack of natural light for photo taking and also the perpetual messy of it all. What the heck! Come on down, watch your step and mind the low hanging shop light.

That's Tiny Alice in my grandmother's Valentine Smock.

My cutting table with it's usual proliferation of projects.

The work area, where sewing machine, serger, inspiration board and piles of various whatnot try to get along.

Here we have the trims and pressing station. Whatever you do, do not peek in those drawers, there be vipers and tangled snares!

Here is one half (the most organized half) of my fabric cabinet. No, you can not have too much, really.

Well, that's about the nutshell of it, where all the magic happens (and cursing, and crying, and seam ripping). Not too glamorous but, I am happy to have it.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour. There will be a question and answer session immediately following and refreshments will be provided.

More creative spaces at kootoyoo!

Thank you.


c.raf.t said...

Ooh nice studio (I don't see any mess..)!
At list you have a studio..I use the dining table, and every time we eat, I have to move everything back inside the wardrobe!

Aussie-waffler said...

What a very neat and organised crafty space. I am super impressed.

midge said...

very cool space. love the valentine

elk said...

this is a very color filled space ~joyful and busy!

Stacey said... die for!! So beautiful.

Lola Nova said...

Thank you everyone for stopping by. I must admit that I left out the photos showing the mess under my work tables :)

Rachel said...

Love your picture of the thread. In comparison to my work area, yours is pristine! :-)

Mom L said...

It's perfectly OK to hide the mess from prying blog eyes!!! What you let us see is delightful. So much color!!

Nancy in Iowa

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I didn't know you had a creative space - what a great thing! I concur with Rachel. The thread photo is beautiful!

Kirsty said...

I love the top shot of the cottons & I LOVE your spice drawers.

lifeshighway said...

My step-mother is a quilter and I have found that you can judge the crafter by their fabric collection.

Very very nice.

Amanda said...

You have a great space, but not having natural light can be a bummer I know that very well. It still looks marvelous :) Loving that grean and brown skirt in the pic :)

Claire said...

Love it! I especially love the elephant fabric in the dress hanging on the wall. The fabric stash makes me want to rush home and quilt, instantly. What a great space!

d/iowa said...

i love it! love love love your grandma's smock too :)

LollyChops said...

You have a lovely space! I would def be inspired to work just by stepping in there.

I want to see inside the cabinets. Vipers and tangled snares sounds terribly exciting!! :)

Pia K said...

a mighty fine creative space indeed! i love the photo of threads! and that little all spice drawer is adorable, they're so perfect for little secrets and stuff and i'm on the lookout for sth similar, a really large one standing on its own four feet would be even better... one can dram:)

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