Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wild Wild Life

We've been having loads of visitors to the cottage recently. Some friends from overseas came to stay a spell, family will be here through the end of the week, and an old friend follows after. Which makes for much ado and busy with the hostess/custodian duties. I'm thinking things might be a bit quiet round the ol' blog porch for the next little while. Not much crafty bits these days, unless of course you consider placing a giant piece of plywood on top of a much too small rickety old table (so as to make room for folks at the alfresco dinners) and throwing an old bed sheet over it crafty. Our picnic table gave up the ghost during one of last weeks gatherings. Shame really, it was only 60 years old. Fortunately no one was harmed during the collapse, not even a drop spilled, truly amazing when I think about it.

For now I think I might share a little of the cottage's wild life.
Here are the ladies rummaging the flower pots. My how they've grown. No eggs yet; late September should bring an omelet.

The Black & Blue Sage Salvia guaranitica that I thought I lost in last winter's snow, has returned with enthusiasm. Just gorgeous! The hummingbirds seem to love it.

...and then there is the wee Nova. My girl loves pink and princesses but, she is not afraid of creepy crawlies, nor dead fuzzies apparently.

That's my girl!

Here's to wild things everywhere.


Claire said...

She and I are peas in a pod! I was exactly the same way (still am). The other day I stopped on a walk with Kelly to observe a dead dear that was so crawling with maggots, it was like they had become its fur. He was thoroughly disgusted, I was fascinated at the efficiency of nature. Likewise, he says I am the only woman he has ever known who voluntarily picks up toads in the garden, voluntarily picks up worms in the driveway (to resuce them) and has conversations with the mice who get stuck in buckets in the barn. I usually put the bucket on my lap and have a little chat with them about their behavior before I let them go. Oh, I also take spiders outside (the ones I find in the house) and I pick up dead mice, voles, moles, and any other little critters I find to check them over and see what might have happened. So your daughter has a kindred spirit in Iowa, in case she ever needs to talk dead mice. :-)

Mare said...

Yep! She's just like me too...(But much much cuter!)

Nina said...

Yes, she is much cuter and BRAVER than me!

Lola Nova said...

No, the apple does not fall too far from the tree.
I can not stand however; the earwig infestation this year. They are creepy.

"It was a female Earwig...and she laid eggs"
-Night Gallery

Mom L said...

LN, are you sure she isn't a tiny alien from the series "V"??? She looks like she's about to eat the mouse...!!!

Hey, I like to pick up critters, too.

Nancy in Iowa

d/iowa said...

tom boys rule :)
she is a doll!

LollyChops said...

I would love to keep chickens. My city plat would never allow for something like that. Lucky girl.

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