Thursday, November 12, 2009

Box of Happy

Delicious hand painted merino yarn

The other day in the post, I received a big box of happy. From my Mum. My mother is a spoiler; as in, my mother spoils us rotten. She is much too good to me, really. When my mother sends a package, it is no ordinary thing, it is rather, an event. One which has been in the works for months.

Beautiful vintage and new fabrics

She collects bits of this and that for me over time. Once the pile grows to a certain size, she packs it all up cleverly in a box filled to the brim. Then it makes it's way from California to my door.

Vintage buttons and crocheted trivets and potholders from my grandmother's collection

When it arrives, I delay the opening of the box as long as I can, to increase the exciting anticipation. Then, when miss ringlet and I can no longer stand it, we open the box and gasp with delight. Presents for the girl are opened first of course and are met with gleeful comments and happy faces. Whilst the small one is entertaining herself with her goodies, I take the box to some uncluttered corner and carefully go through the contents. I only look at the items briefly, then I pack it all back up in the box just as it came and put it aside. Later, when the girl is in bed and I have a long quiet spell, I go back and take out each thing and investigate it completely. I run my hands over fabric, finger vintage buttons, admire lacework and crochet, sigh over stunning yarn, and generally relish the entire process.

These pictures do not represent even half of the happy!

I deeply appreciate my mother taking such care and sending me such wonderful things. Not a bad way to help out with a "challenge of the utmost kind" either.

Thank you mom.

I will be back soon with even more happy!


Fledgling said...

It's been a while since I've checked on what Lola wants. SO many pretty days you've had (are you dancing on the dining room table in stripey socks? That's what dining room tables and stripey socks are for!).

Those vintage fabrics blend so marvelously! Just delightful.

This challenge of the utmost kind is a goody. I've stuck to that for idea--out of necessity and out of something gooder--for several years now. I'll try the second-hand route first.

Have a silly, soulful, super-duper day,

Leslie said...

Oh--your Box of Happy brought tears to my eyes---happy tears of course. I have two daughters far away and I also collect things for them for "care packages" I keep a plastic dishpan for each of them on the shelf of my studio closet, and add things as I find them. When the dishpan gets full it all gets made into little packages (to lengthen the opening process) and boxed up snug. Then I decorate the box with things I've snipped from magazines, charming tags, anything flat and amusing. I seal it all with clear packing tape and off it goes to surprise and hopefully delight them.
I suspect you'll do the same for your 'little ones' when they're big.
Boxes = love.

Thanks for your lovely writing,

Floss said...

Oh, marvelous box, marvelous mother! What a lovely thing to recieve!

My mum is too ill to send stuff now, but when I visit she will suddenly have an idea and head off to a hidden box or the corner of a cupboard, often coming back with something for me that I remember from childhood, or sometimes with something I have never even seen before!

katieb said...

You are so very blessed! Enjoy, enjoy!

Lola Nova said...

Yes, I am a very fortunate woman, so grateful to be so blessed.

Fledgling = So nice to hear from you. Dancing on the table in stripey socks indeed! Yes, the challenge is a goody and pretty much how we live already. Have a super duper silly soulful day too!

Leslie = Thank you for stopping by and sharing your comment with me. So lovely to hear from you.


CurlyPops said...

Now that definitely is a Box of happy! How wonderful to get to open up and have a lovely suprise inside.

Leahdis said...

Arn't mums just the best! Your mum certainly has a great eye for all the good things in life! Love your firat ever granny too! So very neat. Well done Lola.

june at noon said...

What an awesome mama, especially given she is so able to know just what you'd like. Lucky gal, you!

Vic said...

Oh now it is my turn to "ooooh" and "aahhhhh"!!!

Everything looks decidedly beautiful... I have absoloutley nothing to make with yarn & no skills that could do it justice, but I want it anyway....?! Why is that...?!

And those BUTTONS!!! *dies of jealously*

*rises from the dead to say;*
PS, my word verification for this is... 'slacrugg' is it just me, or does that sound unbelievably offensive?! ;)

Aussie-waffler said...

I just loved that post, your descriptions about savouring every last bit of the happy. So wonderful and it put a smile on my face just thinking about it.

lifeshighway said...

Delightful box of happy. Also tearful as I miss my daughter. I will begin making happy boxes just for her. Thank you Lola Nova and Lola Nova's wondeful mom.

dottie angel said...

there is nothing quite like a care package full of 'happy'... being far across the pond from my mother, i get quite giddy with excitement if i'm told there is one winging it's way to me.

the last one contained a plate hanger, now most might thing this rather odd. but since the 'challenge' i have become quite canny at dropping the odd hint whilst on the phone :)
and voila! now my ninainvorm birthday plate hangs safe and sound :)

lovely happy vintage goodies within your pictures and your words...
i also note a touch of 'gleeness' around the place, which is just how it should be :)

Tif x

jus said...

Do you think your mum would adopt me?? So much luv-er-ly stuff...

Joy said...

What wonderful gifts from your mother!! I've found you by way of Marigold Jam--clicked on that thingy about 'Floss' and found my way to you... another creative soul!! Yippie!!