Monday, November 9, 2009

Something Fishy

I had not intended to take a short break but, sometimes life gets busy with livin' and you just gotta roll. So, while I was busy with the livin', days flew by and it's already Monday for goodness sakes!

We reached a milestone in our family this weekend. A while ago the wee one pleaded, begged, wailed, cajoled, promised and pleased herself into a regular frenzy. She was on a mission, she had a fish wish of a most desperate kind. After striking a clever bargain, we agreed that she may have a fish of her very own. Her first, "just all mine" pet.

While I had visions of a sweet little bowl with colored marbles and one wee fish swimming lazily in circles, not taking up but a speck of space, we instead ended up with a full blown aquarium set up and two extra fish (one for each of us you know). The Bearded One made a good call on this; I can see that now, the fish will be much happier and healthier.

Let me introduce you to Goldie, Igor, and Django

Happy Monday to you all and I will be back tomorrow with some crafty business.


Pomona said...

Can't wait to see the crafty business! Pets have a habit of multiplying - for us one dog became three, and two hens turned into 17!

Pomona x

Mom L said...

I've been through the fish bit - I'd rather have a chicken!!!!

Nancy and Emma the Cat in Iowa

lifeshighway said...

Yeah for the googly eyes.

Have fun with your fish. I have a betta, Fabio, who is my office companion.

diane said...

cute fish and i love the pic of wee one and wee chicken.

Aussie-waffler said...

So Goldie is the all black one right ?

june at noon said...

My hubby's dream is to have a gigantic saltwater tank some day. He's trying to get the ball rolling by convincing me our daughter needs a small tank, and no goldfish for her, strictly tropical, fancy things. I'm in trouble. ;)

Enjoy your new friends!

Claire said...

Oh so sweet, the wee one with the chicken. I think fish are very relaxing though, whereas chickens can be energy inducing. A good combination of pets, to be sure! There is a restaurant called Django in Des Moines. Great names!