Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Weight

After the terrible tragedy in Japan, all the loss and ruin, my heart so heavy with sadness...I felt so grateful, as many of you have, for the ordinary every day life - warts and all. And as we in the little green cottage kept on in our blessed, ordinary every day, another tragic event hit much closer to home.

I will be pausing for a moment, travelling next week to be with family. Rest assured that all of us in the little green cottage are fine. I am grateful that I have this shiny place to come back to, and that is because of you my friends. Thank you for every comment, every email, every kindness, and all the serious goodness you have shared with me!

This weekend, say I love you to those you love; notice the small things; sing out loud; make a mess; make a wish; forget the rules; be good to each other; stay up late; go to bed early; give yourself a nice hug; waltz around the kitchen...just L-I-V-E live!

and be well


Tania said...

Sweetheart, I am very sorry to hear that you are negotiating more tragedy. Travel safe and be very, most exceptionally, kind to yourself. Biggest hugs to

Flaming Nora said...

We are feeling the same over here. The tragedy in Japan is so enormous its hard to comprehend. My Japanese friends and students are all in shock and feeling helpless. We must be grateful for what we have.

Vintage Tea Time said...

Your last paragraph is good advice. Look after yourself. Abby x

Katiebee said...

hugs to you & yours~

Sherri B. said...

The events in Japan are beyond, I believe, anything our minds and hearts can take in. They will need so many things for so many years.

I am sorry that a tragedy has touched your family, you all are very special to us. Please stay safe in your travels and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you, Pony Girl and The Engineer.

crzylady said...

Always a great reminder! LIFE is so amazing!

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Oh LOVE!! I am sad there has been sadness in your life.
if I may be so bold as to add to your last paragraph:

walk in the rain,
smell flowers,
stop along the way,
build sandcastles
go on feield trips
find out how thinsg work
tell stores
say the magic words
trust the universe
by Bruce williamson

hugs xx

Debby said...

(((((HUGS))))) Life sometimes is just hard. It is so sad about Japan. You take care.

Pia K said...

take care, travel safe, be well. *hugs*

Vic said...

Well said My Dear. xo

Aussie-waffler said...

Long time no speak my Lovely. I know how you feel, my general disposition has been lacking the usual rainbows and sunshine. There has been too much sadness, too much despair, too much horror. I hope your break eases the heaviness in your heart. Xx

lifeshighway said...

safe journey. Spend time with family and come back refreshed. I am sorry for your sadness.

Colette said...

Huge hugs to you all - and such wise words, I shall take your advice x

diane said...

i hope everything is ok--thinking of you xoxo

Janee Lookerse said...

I hope everything is ok my dear friend. I enjoy some time off.


Bobo Bun said...

sending you love and strength for your journey and the days ahead.


Mare said...

My sweet friend, i am behind on all my blog reading(and many more things in general)Please take good care of yourself and rest in the loving arms of your family and friends. I send you my love and healing, mare