Monday, July 25, 2011

I Want A New Toy (oh ay oh)

... to keep my head expanding.

So looky what came in the mail! There really is nothing like getting a package in the mail - especially when it is being delivered by a rather attractive postman. Of course the scenario would have been much better had I not been wearing the Engineer's grubby college t-shirt, paint covered 'comfy pants,' hair sticking out all over a la crazy cat lady, and covered in dirt from the garden at the time...I digress.

I ordered a load of new fabric paint. I am trying out some new products plus replenishing my regular supply, and I'm pretty excited about it. "I'm painting, I'm painting again."

I ordered from Dharma Trading Company, they have a vast selection of paints, inks, dyes, roving, and an astonishing amount of dye-able scarves and clothing. I wanted to make sure and give them a mention. This is only the second time I have ordered from the company though they have been around for ages. My first order was very smooth and arrived quickly. This time, about an hour after I made my order on-line, my phone rang. "Hi, this is Michelle* from Dharma Trading Company and we are just processing you order and packing it up. I noticed you chose 3 day shipping but, regular priority mail will get there just as quickly and you will save $5.00 on your bill." I don't think I have ever received a call like that from a company, for the staff to take the time to call me personally to save me $5.00 is a pretty big plus in my book. The paints arrived within 3 days and the items were packed so carefully, I am quite pleased. Often people seem to be chomping at the bit to say something negative about a company and it's service but, too few take the time to report really positive feedback. So, I highly recommend them. Their prices are quite fair and their service outstanding. I don't know if they ship absolutely everywhere but, you should go have a look.

Today I am also headed to the camera shop. "I take pictures, photographic pictures. Bright light, dark room." I am going to have a gander at some new equipment and hopefully receive some sound professional advice. I will try my absolute darndest not to become overly-excited and sweep up the first handsome camera that catches my eye. I will attempt to be discerning and wise and more patient than usual. I am hoping that my lesson has been learned from my last impulsive foray into new camera ownership. Not too long ago I found myself seduced by consumer reviews and promises of glory. The affair lasted only 2 days before I saw the error of my ways and took him back to where I found him.

So that's it for now. Happy Monday!
And kudos to you if you spotted the obscure 80's song lyrics dotted throughout this post!

*not her real name.


Debby said...

I am excited that you got new paints. I want to start painting again......something. So nice of the company to call you about the shipping.
Love that old camera. I am saving for a new one.
Nothing fancy just easy and better than my old one.
Can't wait to see what you paint.

At least you were dressed when the mailman came. I had a friend that was breast feeding and accidently went to the door with a tata hanging out. How embarrassing. She said her mailman leaves the package now and rings the door and runs, he he.,

Sherri B. said...

Now that's what I call real, true, old fashioned Customer Service, good for them...and you!!

How fun to get to pick out a new camera friend, scary but still fun. Hope you let us know what you choose.

sabrina said...

I've had good success with Dharma also. A while back I ordered a big pack of iron on transfers. They were a heck of lot cheaper than those 10 packs you find in the store and I was nervous because they seemed too good to be true. But . . . they were wonderful. Their catalog is fun to peruse as well. So many ideas and possibilities.

Pomona said...

I'll be interested to see what camera you get - I need a new one, but don't know where to start! I hope you have fun with your painting - looking forward to seeing the results.

Pomona x

june at noon said...

Sounds like loads of creative blossoming about to happen. Enjoy!

Bobo Bun said...

Wondering what delights you'll whip up with these. Can't wait to see.

Why does the doorbell always ring when we're in our comfies?


Lindsay Jewell said...

It's refreshing to hear about a company that actually cares about its customers.

Sounds like you a have a ton of neat projects in store! I can't wait to see. :)

Sandra Eterovic said...

I spotted the lyrics!!! :) I think that head expansion is the best way to justify any new purchase - I must remember that one.
I think that Dharma gives good karma and that you will come up with something wonderful....I look forward to seeing it!

Sarah said...

Now that is service!

Do show what you will do with all that yum!

Happy camera shopping!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Oh I hear you on the customer service front - The Fabric Depot once called me because I ordered 1/2 yard of fabric but since it was their last of the bolt they could give me more for less - ♥ those phone calls.
Can't wait to hear all about your camera adventure. I have been looking into a new one too - it's a bit intimidating like buying a computer, new car, or ordering at a restaurant that's in another language.

willow and moo said...

Good luck with the camera.

Dharma is great for supplies although they did booboo last time and sent my stuff FedEx and charged me $50 more even though I had chosen the cheap option.

Hehehe haven't heard that song in a long time.

Flaming Nora said...

You have just reminded me of how the girls in my workroom still talk about the delivery man, from memory not hard on the eye, who smelt of cake. A hunky delivery man who smelt of cake! what more could any woman ever want? Well may be self cleaning laundry.