Monday, January 9, 2012

2011, Bravado, and the foolhardy nature of making grand proclamations

In 2011 I wanted to be Brave, and I was... a bit. I took risks, I leapt once or twice without looking; and what I lacked in bravery, I occasionally made up for in Bravado.

bra·va·do - noun \brə-ˈvä-(ˌ)dō\
1 a : blustering swaggering conduct
b : a pretense of bravery
2: the quality or state of being foolhardy
- Merriam Webster

Not so much the blustering swaggering conduct bit (unless you count that one night I decided that whiskey gingers were a swell idea).

However, the pretense of bravery was present; the old 'fake it till you make it' kind, which does work from time to time I might add. And certainly the 'foolhardy' thing, but that is not especially reserved for 2011, I've been practicing that for ages! Still, it does make a noted appearance in my year in review, in a couple of grand proclamations I made in 2011.

Remember that album I was recording...? It's ok if you don't and it probably isn't very prudent to remind you, but ummmm. You can read all about the grand plan here. So, that did not happen. Music was made, guitar and drums were recorded, an omnipresent cymbal made those recordings unusable, musicians went on tour, and something else came up that took all my time. It is alright though, I still want to do it and I will someday, but I might wait till the whole thing is in the bag before I make an announcement. I wrote some songs that I am proud of, I got to make music with some mighty talented folks, and that is always good.

So there were other things I had planned that didn't pan out, but let's not dwell on the things that I didn't do in 2011, because there were lots of things I did do. I went places, did things I'd never done before and I made stuff.

2011 was a funny old year. I am very much looking forward to 2012. I haven't made any grand plans, nor put together a list of resolutions; I think I might just go with the flow this year, see what might happen, and let it ride.

Here is to the adventure of a new year!


june at noon said...

Sometimes that's the best way to do it. I prefer to set "goals" rather than "resolutions." That feels more like something to work toward instead of something that *must* be done. :)

Sabrina said...

I think this might be Lola's Year! And I wouldn't worry about making announcements, and having them not come through (right now). Sometimes the only way to take any steps forward is to say them out loud. It's hard sometimes to voice it to a couple of people, but the more you share it with, the more real it has the potential to become.

Lot's of us are cheering you on, and can't wait to see what Lola comes up with next.

Flaming Nora said...

I always go with the flow and it always gets me in trouble, deep water and rapids leading to a waterfall. But I don't believe in back peddling and some times the Waterfall leads you to amazing new lands. Admittedly some times it leads straight to the soggy muddy silted up shallows. But I guess that my dear is life!

Wendy said...

Good for you for at least trying! I'm trying to go more with the flow this year, too. I have intentions and things I'd like to do, but I'm not going to stress over them. I kind of ended 2011 that way, and it seemed to be working for me waaaay better than my usual checklist type A personality mode.

Love the look back at your projects, too!

Vic said...

Oh, the grand blog proclamation! I know thee well. ;)

I look forward to another year "around the blogs" with you A; my favorite & my best. :) Hope 2012 is absolutely wonderful, flowing hither & yon & at just the right pace! xx

Lindsay Jewell said...

Cheers. ;)

Floss said...

A very happy, blessed and adventurous 2012 to you and yours!

PS Surely 'adventurous' isn't spelled like that? Even in British English??? It's too late...

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I like 'go with the flow', no point putting pressure on oneself!
Happy adventurous 2012!
Vivienne x

Katiebee said...

I've never had a whiskey ginger but it sure sounds good! resolutions have never been my strong suit~ hard as I try so this year I'm shooting for small changes instead~

happy new year!


chris said...

I like the idea of going with the flow. Let those grand ideas happen, because they will, and see what comes of them. It's the process of creating that holds the true adventure. Happy New Year!

teddybearswednesday said...

Well I think it takes a certain sort of bravery to be so honest about yourself.
I hope one day this album comes to our ears. When it's ready and you're ready.
2011 was a funny old year, i'm glad too see the back of it.
Like you I have no big plans or resolutions for 2012, but then again I'm not the planning type. But somehow ( and I hope I don't regret this) i think it's going to be a good year. the number's awfully pretty to start with xoxo
PS Word verification shifswo - one of my faves i think it's the noise swifts make with then suddenly change direction flying.

Sherri B. said...

I love to hear about big plans, hopes and dreams. There are no time clocks, especailly with friends...we are happy to picture those wonderful things with you! xo

jennie said...

I like the sound of going with the flow this year. I want to evolve and see what happens. Not sad to see 2011 go here, but looking forward to a great creative year blogging with you guys!XXX

Annie said...

I like your way of thinking ... here's to the adventure indeed :D

Bobo Bun said...

More exciting not having a plan, just jumping in and having fun seems a good idea.