Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Solo Flight

I've just returned from Northern California. Didn't notice I was gone? No worries, it was a short flight. Just a quick trip for family matters. I went alone. It has been a very long time since I have flown solo, and I had forgotten what it was like. Let me tell you; flying solo is EASY! Even with all the New World rigmarole one must go through these days; when the only person you need be responsible for is yourself... piece-o-cake!

Without the encumbrance of a car seat, coloring books, toys, games, 12 different types of snacks, 3 changes of clothes that will be needed for the 2 hour flight, and all of the necessary accoutrement for travel with a small child - getting through security is relatively painless. No need to apologize every 5 minutes to the person sitting in the row ahead for the onslaught of kicks to the back of his seat, no frantic searches for the shoe thrown off during final approach, no musical chair episodes for 4 bathroom breaks. I love my child deeply, but I actually got to read a good book uninterrupted for the entire flight to and from - and that is a small miracle in my opinion.

I did bring back few lovely things from my trip. Some gorgeous Liberty of London prints that were given to me by my mother. A basket of vintage bits and bobs from her as well.

And my Papa's hat; from a time when men wore hats everyday to work. It just so happens to fit atop my head just right, making me feel quite dapper indeed.


Sherri B. said...

I love to fly...even though I am afraid before I get on the plane. So glad that you had a nice peaceful flight and got to bring back such special family treasures...and no jet lag! xo

Flaming Nora said...

Ah the days when men wore hats and real shoes, smoked pipes and had proper beards!
Ah the days of travel from the time before children!
All blissful.

Colette said...

Terrific hat - I hope we see you swaggering about in it, with the basket in tow of course...

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a delicious little basket of goodies. :)
Vivienne x

teddybearswednesday said...

I totally noticed you were gone. Seriously, even though you actually told me, and I missed you.
anyway glad you had a super time and got some glorious goodies. But it's very nice to have you back.
And I have to agree I love travelling alone. I'm all for it, i love the whole thing of not having to accomodate anyone else doing as I please. I can't comment on the kid thing but i can imagine what a difference it would be!

june at noon said...

I used to enjoy flying solo, definitely. You brought back some lovely things.

jennie said...

Oh that must have been so different - travelling by yourself!! When I was a nanny, I travelled on long flights with children and their parents - that was tough!!

Loving the navy fabric and also the notions - gorgeous!!x

Wendy said...

What lovely keepsakes you came home with; the hat is fabulous!

Ah, 4 uninterrupted hours in which to read--I'm not sure I even remember what that is like! Glad you had a restful trip!

Tas said...

I don't like flying so at least all the "baggage" that comes with taking the kids keeps me distracted.

I recently flew to my school reunion alone and oh, the knitting, the reading, the unshared sushi and smoothies. It was a joy.

I love that hat.

charlotte said...

what lovely goodies!

Mom L said...

What a beautiful hat! I well remember the days - oh, so long ago! - that my Dad wore hats all the time. Never baseball caps - always "real men" hats. I hope we get to see a picture of you wearing yours.

Nancy in Iowa