Thursday, April 19, 2012

This and That and a Brand New Hat

Oh my goodness, such a busy week! I haven't had much time for photo shoots or making, but that's ok. Life is moving along at a swift clip and I'm just going along with the ride. I thought I'd share a few of my happy snaps from the Instagram to show what's been going on 'round here.

Firstly, the Engineer and I had a real honest to goodness date night last weekend! Pony Girl was on a sleep-over at the cousins so we had the whole night. It all began with a trip to the haberdasher for a new "gentleman's" hat for the Mr. Oh and did he ever look handsome!
Later we met a couple of our friends for a feast at a Japanese Pub and enjoyed a most delicious cocktail called a "Twisted Kite". It was warm enough to sit on the patio so that our laughter floated out on the breeze. It was lovely!

Though our weather has been all over the place lately, I couldn't resist picking up some flowers for the garden. I love these English Daisies, such happy flowers...I imagine they are the sort of flowers that Muppets might plant.

As I was planting flowers I noticed the sale sign has gone up on the house across the street. For a moment I had a little daydream about buying this house, if only to save her. She was once most certainly a grand lady, but years of neglect and mistreatment have done her in I'm afraid.
In her large overgrown yard there is a magnificent Dogwood tree, one of the tallest I've ever seen, with fat butter-yellow blossoms. I do think given some serious TLC and a fresh coat of paint, she would make for the perfect Lola Nova headquarters, don't you?

And whenever I have a moment here and there, I've been slowly unpacking boxes from my grandfather's house. Finding pretty vintage treasures.

Well now, I see by the time that I must run; errands, chores, meetings and much to-doing!

I hope that all of you are having a swell week! Take care.


Sherri B. said...

I can see the house all 'fixed' up for a Lola Nova headquarters, I bet it is going for a fair price too.

Is that a ceramic vase in the bottom pic? Very, very nice!

Have a great day! xo

Flaming Nora said...

buy buy buy. It looks amazing. Just imagine the house spent gazing out of that attic window. Not to mention the huge amount of extra space you would have to fill with objects of beauty and wonderment.

Sherri B. said...

I meant to say in my comment how very handsome the Mr. looks in his new hat...very nice! xo

crzylady said...

Very lovely! What a great hat (and beard)! And so many treasures. hmmmm, she is a sweet little place. but then wouldn't your home be sad?!

vintage grey said...

Oh, what fun and beautiful photos!! Love the sweet vintage treasures!! xo Heather

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Great hat, *gorgeous* house ... a perfect doer-upper, definitely the stuff that dreams are made of!

Sampson and Lorrie said...

You have such a fun blog. I have enjoyed sitting back with my daughter and roaming through your lovely photos. :)

june at noon said...

What a sweet house. Maybe you need the house for living and the cottage for creating.... ;)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Would that be a coffee grinder? (the jar with the red part?) If it is, that is NEAT. I've been looking for one that isn't made of wood and wrought iron!
The house across the street would probably love some TLC. Maybe you're just the one for the job.