Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Silly old bear

Meet Mr. Whiskers

Sometimes you get lucky and meet someone through this wild and wonderful world of bloggers that becomes a fast friend, even though you may be geographically challenged and sharing a cuppa face to face is not possible, you feel as though you have known each other for ages. I have been so lucky in this respect, I feel as though I have received a gift of great bounty in friends from far away places. The fact that these friends are also incredibly talented, terribly creative, and makers of magical things, is truly inspiring.

Jess from Teddy Bear's Wednesday is one such remarkable friend. She is a maker of extraordinary creatures, most notably of the bear variety, but she is hardly limited to just one species. You can take one look at her Etsy shop to see she has a gift for creating critters with personality and panache!

One day whilst perusing her instagram feed, I spied the beginnings of a bear, he was just a head at this point, but I knew he was going to be quite special. Later I saw that she had posted about him on her blog and I knew he had to come live with me. So, I promptly put in my application for adoption and was thrilled to be accepted. Fashioned after the old Steiff bears, Jess hand dyes the mohair, stitches all by hand, meticulously ages the bear and gives each one his/her own unique personality.

This is Mr. Whiskers settling in to his new home having a bit of jet lag and a laugh with an old straw hat he found in one of my closets.

Here is what Jess had to say about him:
"The moment Mr Whiskers became a head, i knew he was a Pop, he was a bit of an old man bear. And as he grew into more and more of a whole bear, i knew that he He likes his mocassins, his cups of teas with 4 sugars, tinkering in his shed and is a bit of a dunker ( biscuits/cookies in tea).
That every Saturday he likes to buy a lotto ticket, he's a long suffering Richmond supporter and is fond of the ocassional punt on the horses."

I have since discovered that his first name is Otis and he is a brilliant addition to the little green cottage. From the moment I held him in my hands, the perfect feel and weight of him, his funny old pop ways, his blue cardi...well, it was love.

Thank you Jess, you are an artist!

Oh, and we may be having that cuppa face to face after all!


Sherri B. said...

A big welcome to Mr. Whiskers (the same name as my very first dog).

He is adorable and will certainly make a fine addition to your sweet family. It will be so nice for you to take tea with him, and have him rave over your goodies that you will be sharing.

He also has a very soothing look about him which may come in handy on those days when the younger one is feeling a bit out of sorts.

I'm off to check out Jess's Etsy shop. xo

Flaming Nora said...

I love Otis.

vintage grey said...

Oh, how sweet is Mr. Whiskers! So happy he has a new home with you! He looks so soft, and cuddly! Happy Tuesday! xo Heather

Debby said...

He is beautiful in that blue cardigan and his Steiff like features. I collect bears so I know a good bear, hah. He really is beautiful.

My Bearded Pigeon said...

lovely Jess is indeed a talented woman. Mr Whiskers is lucky to have moved to the home of another talented woman. x

teddybearswednesday said...

OH ALex thank you for such a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL and generous post about Mr ( Otis -love) Whiskers and me.
Please know those friend feelings are completely 100% mutual, I love ya guts and thank you so much for giving me funny little guy the most special special home! xoxo

❀ Sassybelle Blooms said...

Mr Whiskers is just sew adorable.....I've got the wanties big time.....such a talented maker.....I'm sure he'll be very happy in your lovely home....Sassybelle -xxx-

june at noon said...

He's found the perfect home. I like his slightly "rumply" look. Well-loved, he is.

andrea creates said...

such a cute bear!
off to check her blog and shop :)

Mare said...

OH! He is SO lovely Alex! I am fortunate to have a few of Jess' creations living here too. She stuffs them full of Love....

Lindsay Jewell said...

I love his blue sweater!