Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The last of the school days

Seeing as there is just a smidge over a week left of school, things have ramped up. Field trips, school carnivals, potluck in the park, etc...
So not much work is getting done on my end if you don't count laundry and the soft opening of the patio for the summer season. I did however, finally manage to make a cushion for the couch. Some Japanese cotton, some hand printing on canvas and a vintage doily or two and voila!

Are you gearing up for summer, or are you on the other side getting ready for winter?

Have a lovely week whatever the geography!


june at noon said...

I just finally potted some flowers for my porch so I could enjoy sitting outside every chance I get. Definitely gearing up for summer!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

gorgeous cushion........I love summer! :)
V x

Frances said...

Lola, that cushion is a beauty. The Japanese fabric has a special quality that you embraced and complimented with your very own creativity.

Summer is knocking on NYC's door. We've already had some thunderstorms, as weather fronts push their way across the country, bringing hot, then cool, days. Or is it cool, then hot?

At any rate, it's time to get those windows up, and get my little fan down from the top closet shelf. I'm one of those strange folks who doesn't have air conditioning at home. I prefer the natural cross ventilation.