Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mollie Makes Home and 91 Magazine get together!

A while back Caroline Rowland of Patchwork Harmony and the much celebrated 91 magazine sent me an email. She told me she was editing this year's Mollie Makes Home issue and asked if I would like to have my home featured in the magazine. My answer was quick and obvious, of course! And then I started to worry about all of the unfinished projects going on at my house. Still, I think I managed to capture a pretty fair representation of my style. I must say that working with the team at Mollie Makes (thank you Ruth!) and with Caroline, was such a treat!

The super exciting news is that the first ever print version of 91 Magazine will be included with the Mollie Makes bookzine. Swoon! So you are getting 2 awesome for the price of one. Sweet!

I have yet to lay hands on the print version, but let me tell you, I might be just a little bit excited.  

The issue comes out tomorrow Aug. 28th in the UK at most news stands and news agents. I don't have a US date yet, but I'll be sure to let you know!


Frances said...

Bravo on the MM connection. I will be looking for the Home issue on the international newsstands over here in New York.


Anonymous said...

How lovely. Will look out for the magazine. Congratulations