Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The hazards of getting organized

My name is Lola and I'm a hoarder.

Of all things crafty.
Even after a major cull when we moved out of The Little Green Cottage, there were still boxes packed and left to their own devices since we moved into this house. So it was I finally undertook the MASSIVE re-organization of my work room. I even caved to the finger breaking assembly of Ikea storage units. Forget pretty, I need function!!! I've been slogging away in the chaos for days. 

Oops, forgot that big box in the furnace room! Oops, there's more sawdust covered boxes in the garage! Did I mention it's MASSIVE? Today it came down to a final couple of boxes in the garage. After slaving all day and creating more upheaval (it gets worse before it gets better), I started to get a headache from sucking dust and a bit of vertigo from the overwhelming state of things. "Oh come on Champ! You can do one more box! It's the last giant box of fabric, all you need to do is put it on the shelves in an orderly manor. Easy peasy," is what I said to myself.

Famous last words.

It's my own fault, in fact I was surely asking for it. What does one expect leaving a box of cotton and wool yardage in a garage next to a wood pile?
Of course they chewed through the best wool, and by "they" I mean mice. Now I'm not one to run shrieking or jump onto kitchen counters upon seeing a little whiskered fellow, no, not I. However, I would like to add that I like to keep a respectable distance between myself and those pesky critters. They are welcome to come and go outside as they please, but inside is my domain and I'd thank you kindly to stay the heck out! Perhaps the mice were confused about the garage. Let me just set this straight right now for all you mice, the garage is off limits too! Especially my box of fabric! Of course there was a shocking amount of tiny mouse poo and the whole thing smelled that unmistakable smell of mouse pee. I now have 30 yards - give or take - of fabric to wash, dry, fold and find space for. Thank goodness the mice were out and about for the day when I discovered their nest.

I may just break into that bottle of whiskey I got for Christmas.


jabbott said...

I would have freakef out if I saw a mouse and if it had been in my fabric would have chucked it all.You were brave to rescue it and mostly anything can be cleaned, your stash of ribbons in the first photo are really pretty x

Chris Gilliland said...

Let's hope the mice haven't found the whiskey.

Patty Radish said...

Your Brave,! I love mice in their proper place, but I'll bet your box of fabric was a cozy little condo. The local mice were scrappin it out to see got to live in it!

sustainablemum said...

Yes mice, we have them here too but they haven't found there way into my fabric, yet............

Love the ribbons I am a sucker for ribbon there is always a basket of it by the till in my local haberdashers......

Flaming Nora said...

Ugh, this story has been giving me the heebie jeebies. Mice, eeeugh! No!
Did I ever tell you the story of finding one in my slipper?

Frances said...

Go for the Christmas whiskey I say. How I wish that your textile treasures has stayed immune.

Of cours,e we big city dwellers have got our own challengers.


Tas said...

As a vet in a previous part of my life, I have no problem with wee little furry creatures though poo and wee from any source is certainly not appreciated in my yarn or fabric stash.

A friend lost some old photos recently, stored in a box in her garage then chewed by a plaque of mice. Not fun :(