Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday's Work in Progress

Continuing the theme of making for the home, my current work in progress is a stack of placemats to be quilted and bound. One down, 5 to go.

I realized after I finished the first one that I had used up the last of that particular bias binding and could not get more. Mix and match binding for the rest of them then!

I love this fabric line from a few years ago; Cloud 9 organic cotton - Nature Walk.

Oh, and just in case you are interested...

For one placemat:
Cut two fabric rectangles measuring 18" x 14.5"
Cut one piece of cotton quilt batting 18" x 14.5"
Sandwich batting between fabric rectangles, right sides facing out. Use pins to secure or as I did, a temporary fabric adhesive spray to keep pieces in place.
Use your sewing machine to quilt the layers. I just used straight lines randomly spaced. To make this easier, use a walking foot on your machine.
Bind the edges with bias binding - takes about 1 3/4 yard of binding for each placemat.
Repeat for as many placemats you care to make.

I know, it's not much of a tutorial, but if you want more details, just do a search on the interwebs for "how to sew quilted placemats" and you will have a bunch of tutorials to choose from.

So, what are you working on?


Jo said...

I am patching for my mammoth 2015 double bed quilt so it is just a big table mat really. I am trying not to think about the binding for it!!! Jo x

Frances said...

Sewing machine is still in a multi-month hibernation, yet I cannot tell you why.

I am finishing knitting up a lace stitch Hap shawl designed by Kate Davies, called A Hap For Harriet.
Almost done.

If you've not yet visited Kate up in Scotland have a look at and enjoy your visit.

(This Hap actually has allowed me to use some treasured lace weight merino yarn from my stash.)


sustainablemum said...

I am making some trousers for my daughter from an old pair of mine and some coasters, again made from old trousers!

Jennifer said...

I really like them. They remind me of the fair-trade imports I see in one local store. I was inspired to make Mexican oilcloth placemats for myself after seeing theirs and now I want a set like yours too.

Patty Radish said...

I have been putting this project off for way too long! Looks like a plan for the weekend! Thank you for the tutorial!