Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello Monday - Slow Simmer

It's a rainy Monday, the perfect sort of day to slow simmer something delicious on the stove, perhaps bake some bread, and think on plans for the coming days.

My work room/studio is nearly back together and well organized. Thank goodness as I am itching to do some stitching again. I'm planning some makes; like this Negroni Men's shirt from Colette Patterns in this handsome Kaufman lightweight cotton plaid. I'm planning a test shirt in some calico I have in my stash, then on to the plaid.

Whilst unpacking and organizing, I came across a few unfinished projects from days gone by, so those are on the to-stitch list as well.

Well, I'm off to brew a cup of tea, listen to some Debussy, contemplate cooking, peruse bread recipes, and make the most of this rainy Monday.


Jennifer said...

I like the sound of your day. That pattern is going to be very handsome!

charlotte said...

I would like to improve my sewing skills to be able to make my husband this.

Frances said...

Reading this on Tuesday eveing, I must tell you that I admire the way you handle Monday. xo