Monday, April 6, 2015

Promises, Promises

Best laid plans and good intentions are subject to complete obliteration from time to time. So it was last week and well into the weekend. I am just now returning to the routine on wobbly legs and hoping to do what I had set out to do last week. By that, I mean spending some quality time here and in my studio. I am however, not making any promises. Because, well you know, life happens.

I do hope that you are all well and happy this Monday and hope to see more of you soon!


Jennifer said...

I always enjoy seeing whatever you have to share with us. :)

Luchett C said...

I hope read you soon.

I invite you to visit my blog

Greetings from Uruguay

Frances said...

I know very well what you mean by best laid plans, etc. Happens "all the time."


Gemma said...

Sometimes there's a need to take things slowly and be gentle with yourself, no need to apologise for it, we all need time x