Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The last jar of jam

What a beautiful morning it is here in my little patch of the Pacific Northwest! Had my morning coffee and toast out in the garden and watched the crazy starlings splash in the fountain. The only cloud over this sunny scene is that we are on the very final jar of strawberry jam from last year. Oh, still so delicious. It wont be long though, well not too  terribly long, until this year's strawberries come on and we make the 2015 batch. Still, any length of time without homemade jam seems hard to bear. 

We shall have to find some way to carry on.


Frances said...

I am very fortunate to know some folks who every so often present me with homemade marmalade or preserves. Absolutely delicious treasure.

When will your 2015 strawberry season begin?


Nana Go-Go said...

When I get down to my last jar of homemade strawberry jam, I buy more strawberries and make some until it's strawberry picking time again!