Monday, November 17, 2008

Hooty Hoo

With my new found embroidery and hand applique skills I thought I would whip up a little something for the girl, turns out it was more of a slow stir. I did a quick sketch owl, then with cotton fabric, wool felt and a blanket stitch with embroidery floss this little guy now adorns one bright red corduroy vest. Apparently vests are all the rage right now. The skirt was made from vintage seersucker and ribbon - super easy. If you have a yen to make up a really simple skirt for a little gal you know, you can find some free instructions through Oliver + S blog in the sidebar under free patterns "lazy days skirt." This company also sells some sweet patterns for children.

If I can get my scanner working again and can figure out how to link to a .pdf through blogger I will provide a free pattern for the owl applique. Probably after the up-coming holidays.

Speaking of feathered friends; I have been completely tickled the last few days by a post from Claire over at Is this heaven? No, this is Iowa. She had rescued some chickens and a few of them had lost some feathers, as it is getting cold, she needed to keep these little buddies warm. So she designed and sewed up what else, but fleece chicken coats! Now let me assure you, Claire is an animal lover; this is nothing like forcing a cat to wear a Halloween costume. Having had some experience with chickens myself - I totally get this and think it is absolutely brilliant! You must take a look for yourself. I hope Claire doesn't mind the extra attention (if you do mind, let me know via lolanovainfo[at]gmail[dot]com and I will take you off this post).



Claire said...

Thank you Lola! I'm delighted at the mention of my chickens and their coats. It makes me feel good knowing someone else thinks it's a good idea! I'm actually making a couple for the Chicken Run Rescue operation in Minneapolis for them to try on their rescue girls.

Love the hoot-owl applique! I think in a smaller size, it would make a lovely Christmas tree ornament, perhaps with a back to it and a bit of batting sewn inside. I could make one out of felt I think. One of these days I hope to make my own felt from my sheeps' wool. I do like handmade ornaments the best. Your daughter is so lucky to have such a crafty Mom!

Farm Chick Paula said...

I came over from Claire's blog...
I love the owl!! *gush* you are so wonderfully creative!

Lola Nova said...

Thanks Farm Chick!
And Claire, I think you read my to-do list. Starting this weekend its felt ornament-o-rama. Thimbles ready set go.