Wednesday, November 19, 2008

After Glow

Last night I put together an impromptu birthday dinner for my dear friend Sue. Her boy and my girl have been buddies since about 6 months of age. The two of them together create a singular paroxysmal experience. The excitement level each child reaches becomes volcanic and chaos rules. This fever pitch only happens between these two for some reason, perhaps it is chemical. It is often hilarious, sometimes dangerous and always exhausting. So, while the grown-ups attempted civilised dining and birthday well wishing, kung-fu wolverine banshees tore up the night. This odd photo was taken after guests went home the babe was down to bed and I was left contemplating the wreckage. The rainbow sprinkles had melted into the whipped cream frosting, the candles had burned low and I decided to have one last bite and leave the dishes 'till morning.

1 comment:

Claire said...

Happy Birthday to Sue. Looks like we all missed a great party! I could've worn my chicken hat!