Friday, April 17, 2009

Fairies in the garden

Yesterday we had a beautiful break in the rain, sunshine and warm enough to go sleeveless. So, after our daily ritual of sqwirmy hunting...

we decided to build a fairy house. My girl and I repurposed a birdhouse that she and Mr. Nova built last year. It has never housed any birds and we thought that maybe the fairies would like it.

We both agreed that the best spot in the garden was under a canopy of Bleeding Hearts.
This morning the rain returned - yet, when we checked the little fairy house, there was a tiny thank you note written on a leaf!


Mare said...

oh my goodness...I LOVE the Fairy House...I have a few tucked in around here too...special little spots with rock gardens and places of shelter. If you formally invite them in,they will see to it that the plants grow well from now on.... :)

Mom L said...

I love this story!!!


Claire said...

Wow, you have some very special fairies in your garden. Only the best kind leave notes! How wonderful!

Maevy said...

Oh, I just love your fairy house, what a great idea, now I want to have one in my yard too! And your pictures are beautiful!

d/iowa said...

omg that is so great!

i love it!

i love the bleeding hearts too- i've never seen them before.

and ps- i KNEW you would get why we picked today for the dog's bday. :)

Polka Dot Daze said...

Oh lovely...I love it!

Victor said...

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