Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When Good Chickens Go Bad

First, let me tell you, it was not the chickens fault. It was completely seamstress error. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself after the success of the fabric egg pattern and little bear. So, since I have chickens on the brain, I thought why not whip up a little chicken softie, how hard could it be? I drew up a pattern and somewhat carelessly started piecing her together. I should have known, I had that feeling in my gut that something wasn't quite right but, I blundered along anyway.

I mean what was I thinking with that tail? I know, I know...chickens don't technically have tails...wait, do they? The back plumage then? You should have seen the beak before I cut it down! The seams are all wonky and I did not allow myself enough wiggle room to even sew her shut. Poor dear.

Still, I see great promise in her. I will have another go, and another if necessary. She deserves that much. This little gal has pluck!


d/iowa said...

i KNEW it would be cute! KNEW IT!
i love the chicken. send it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ME.

(borderline selfish)

Mare said...

I think she is adorable just the way she is! :)

Claire said...

Oh she is cute as a button! Love her! Diane is being quite unreasonable. She doesn't even have any chickens (yet). I blame it on her bun in the oven. What was she thinking anyway?