Friday, April 3, 2009

Frantic Friday

I have been wanting to share with you some pictures of the eggs Lizzie, from One Girl's Opinion, made using my pattern.

Aren't they sweet, I love the fabrics, very Easter festive!

Go check out her Etsy shop, she makes the most darling hair clips and other lovely things.

I'm taking a break from the making of things this week. It's been a little frantic around here. I am investing some time in a good Spring Clean and wrapping up some other busy work. The weather is supposed to be decent this weekend so, I think I will get my hands dirty in the garden, I can't wait!

There is still time to enter the give away here so, if you haven't left a comment, now is the time!

Well, the spiders have been very dedicated lately, leaving no corner un-webbed, I'll be off now to eradicate their handiwork. Apologies to the eight legged wonders but, it must be done.


lizzy said...

Of course its fine to post my pictures- I'm happy you did! The fabric in those eggs is from the Sultry collection by Basic Grey. I hate to admit I still haven't sewn up the opening yet but I hope to get to it this weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend!

d/iowa said...

great eggs!

poor spiders :(

send me a pic of your chickens when you get them!

Mare said...

I have to try to be good like you and put some time aside to clean this dusty old house...but my knitting needles and crochet hooks keep calling me...Our weather here is supposed to be real Spring-like-wet, chilly and unpredictable. It was warm enough for shirtsleves on Friday and today it is flurrying....Ahhh Spring! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Kirsten said...

Cleaning who's cleaning. Gutting always seems so much appropriate. Thank you so much for the egg pattern, we are loving it here.