Friday, August 27, 2010

Box of Happy

Not too long ago, a friend and I decided to do a trade. I had some things and she had some things and we agreed to send the things to each other. O.k., first let me say that this was an awesome idea! Secondly, oh what a box of happy I received! I am overwhelmed with silly happy goodness.

That gorgeous fabric is just screaming to become something wonderful for Pony Girl. It is from Nic of luzia pimpinella and it's called LOVEchirp, so lovely! And ribbon trims of happiness in all their glory.

Some goodness for Pony Girl included a much adored polka dotty tea set...

...the cutest wind up mama duck with 3 ducklings, which seem to have waddled off somewhere unknown, and a super fantastic skirt of Nancy's Studio Tantrum Laguna Skirt design.

And for me, more stupendous gifts of the vintage persuasion! Check out this vintage strawberry cannister, which looks to be from a soda fountain...

How cool is that? Also this beautiful vintage purse which now proudly hangs in my bedroom!

Oh, there was also some chocolate but, you can imagine what has become of that.

Dearest Nancy, I can not thank you enough. Everything was so perfectly perfect and brought us such joy! I am truly blessed with amazing friends. Such a lucky lady am I!

I hope you all have a groovy weekend, I'm off to contemplate a first day of school dress for the one and only Pony Girl.


bekimarie said...

What a lovely parcel, love the bag, I do love swaps!

B xxx

Colette said...

Blimey you are a lucky lady - I think I love it all, the spotty tea set is my favourite, and the fabric of course!

Have a great weekend x

willow and moo said...

Oh very, very nice! :)

Sherri B. said...

What a haul! Everything is so great...Pony Girl can have tea when she gets home from classes and how about that strawberry container..Lucky you. I want a Nancy of my own.

Have a happy time making Pony Girls first day outfit.

Heather~The Finicky Frog said...

Looks like quite a treat to receive such a sweet variety of treasures!
Particularly like the strawberry container!!

God Bless Ya,

june at noon said...

That is indeed a box of happy. How wonderful!

m.e (Cathie) said...

oh my! that is a treasure chest of happy there!
wow, are you still happy dancing & smiling..I bet you are ;)
happy weekend Ms Lola Nova ♥

Ina-Mari said...

How precious! What a blessing to have such a special friend!

Leanne of Folk said...

you weren't kidding when you said 'box of happy'!! i love all your great new treasures. swaps are the best!! :D

Mom L said...

You really do make me want to get out my sewing machine, see if it still works (haven't used it in 10 years!), find some patterns and fabric and make something for baby Henry before he's too old to appreciate it! His Mommy was like Pony Girl - I made lots of clothes and stuffed animals for her. She still has a lumpy quilt I made about 38 years ago!!!

Nancy in Iowa