Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm A Winner!

I've been meaning to post about what a winner I am for a bit now and I'm finally getting 'round to it. These days it seems that I am so far behind, that I have actually gotten ahead of myself. I have also been speaking in nonsense for days now.

So right, I recently won a giveaway over at Fox's Lane of a beautiful bundle of vintage sheet pieces! Aren't they lovely? Thank you Kate! Now I get to make something sweet with them.

Wait, there's more! One of my favorite blog sites is The Yard Art Game, I always get a much needed chuckle when I visit. Well, recently there was a giveaway and I won! I know, I know, I'm on a roll! I won this super duper cool solar powered Glow Stick! Check it out.

It charges during the day and then at night it puts on a little light show, and changes colors!!! I am way more enchanted by it than is perhaps "normal" but, I just can't help it. I am very entertained by such things plus, I am now prepared for my very own backyard eco-friendly RAVE.

Look at the colors!
It also does green but, I didn't capture that on film.

Right now it is placed next to the chicken coop so that the chooks have their very own nightly light show, maybe I should pipe in some Pink Floyd so that they can have the full experience.

Thank you to my generous gifters, you have made my days (and nights) a little sweeter.

As for you dear readers, I think that you are winners too! Have a grand weekend and I shall return with stories of stitchery and perhaps even pie!


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Top prizes!

I am sure the chooks would love a few more of those glow sticks to shake their big bums when no one is looking....

Sherri B. said...

Congratulations on your wins. What a precious bundle that is, I never get enough of those treasures from the past.

I can't get your beautifully rolled pasta out of my mind, I may need to start hunting for a pasta machine.

Looking forward to stories of stitchery and pie (hopefully).
Have a great weekend!

Pia K said...

wow, congrats, i am superduper jealous:) especially of the light thingie, oh my what a great thing!

happy weekend to you too, go have fun!

Lindsay Jewell said...

Haha, maybe you should go try your hand in the lottery. Luck seems to be with you lately. :)

Vic said...

Oooh & ahhhh!

That solar powered glow stick is pretty neat, you totally need a few more to pimp out your yard...

What are you going to make with the vintage fabric? A Kate-inspired frock for Miss Ponygirl perhaps, or something funky for yourself?

Can't wait to see, whatever it is!

m.e (Cathie) said...

lucky girl, vintage fabric & a solar powered glow!!
now that is something that would definitely scare the chickens...or make them wanna dance I guess.
have a glowing weekend ♥

katieb said...

ohhhh, you lucky girl! congrats!

have a fun weekend~

Kate said...

Yay! I can't wait to see what the fabric becomes!
I love that top pic of the bundle.
ANd I love, love, love the idea of the chooky glow sticks.
Lots of fun at your.
Have a happy weekend.

june at noon said...

Very cool vintage fabric, and so nice of you to give the chickens a little pizazz in their space!

Annabelle said...

You lucky lucky girl!! g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s fabric!
Chuckling at the thought of your raving chooks ;)

lifeshighway said...

I can't wait to see what you make with the vintage fabric and I am so glad you are happy with the glow stick. I enjoy mine every evening.

jus said...

Ooooh a chicken rave! I hope they all maniacally cluck clucking, wearing beanies and pumping those wings like there's no tomorrow! x