Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lola on the town

Part One
Have I mentioned lately how much I love where I live? No? Then I have been remiss. Portland is one amazing city. Sometimes though, I don't get the chance to go out and see just how amazing; there is a lot going on 'round here! This weekend I decided that it was high time I ventured out on the town to have a look-see at the local happenings.

On Friday night I took myself out to Modern Domestic for their open house. This fantastic place is just up the street from The little green cottage, lucky me. Let me tell y'all about this local gem...actually, why don't I let the folks of MD tell you themselves.

"Modern Domestic is a sewing studio and retail space offering two fully equipped classrooms, a comfortable seating area and a growing community of creative makers. We offer classes in sewing for all skill levels, whether you’ve never touched a machine before or you’re continuing your mastery of the craft. Our classes cover (but are not limited to): beginning sewing, sewing for kids and teens, felting, silk screen, intermediate and advanced sewing." -from the web site

Three lovely ladies from the neighborhood opened this venture together. I am so pleased it's just 'round the corner!

I felt immediately drawn in by the warm atmosphere, the dancing candle light, and the promise of a champagne cocktail.

Did I mention there were snacks?
The building is modern airy loft, clean lines and uncluttered, open space. With this in mind, I was impressed with how they managed to create an intimate feel to the space. A place you want to hang out and chat about bias binding, quilt batting or, the newest bakery up the street.
Clever, non-fussy displays with vintage detail were eye catching and educational.

A shelf with rows of sewing machine feet with descriptive cards telling you "what for".

Along the walls, you can see and touch the finished products from classes they offer. Which led me to make a long 'wish list' of classes that I'm itching to take. They also seem to carry all the best books.

In the upstairs classroom loft they had 'open sewing' available. During the festivities it was great to see some very clever crafty types working away on their projects. The whole atmosphere seems to be one of neighborhood and community. A truly friendly and comforting environment to learn and share.

They offer machines and tools for use while taking classes or for 'open sewing', which is pretty handy I think.

They also had some awesome giveaways...I didn't win but, I know that the folks who did are well and truly chuffed. Modern Domestic puts together terrific sewing kits with all the necessary tools to get you going down the goodly path of handmade. I'm thinking these little numbers would make stellar holiday gifts...for someone like myself for example. I'm just sayin'.

Though I didn't get to stay long, I am really glad I went. It was my first opportunity to really check out the place. They made me feel quite welcome. It was so nice to see my neighbors gathered in this cool place supporting small neighborhood business with heart. What's better than that?

If you live in the area or are planning to be in the area, please go say hi and sign up for a class.

I'll be back on Tuesday with Part 2 of Lola on the town. In which I tell all about Saturday's adventure to Little Winter, A Handmade Market!
Until then, I dare you to go have an adventure in your own back yard.


Leah said...

Looks like an amazing place, just the type of place I would want to operate here. How lucky u are!

Tania said...

Holy cow. I could live in that place. Do you think they'd be open to a resident house elf type arrangement?

june at noon said...

What a cool idea! I need something like that around here.

Sherri B. said...

I love your fresh new header, very nice!

You did a marvelous job of capturing the feel of Modern Domestic, with photo and words, making us want more. I will be making a date with daughter this week to visit and see the entire package for ourselves..Thank you for reminding me that Portland has so much to offer.

Looking forward to a new review tomorrow.

Flaming Nora said...

Wow what an amazing place. If only if only I had a the money and b the confidence I'd start one over here! Love the new headder by the way.

Clara said...

So much to see and do!

Aussie-waffler said...

That looks like such a great place. I would really like to learn to sew in a nice, welcoming environment like that.