Friday, May 1, 2009

Back On The Make

Happy May Day!

I have finally returned to my creative space after what has felt like a long absence. Life just gets busy and days rush by. I don't have any creative revelations for you, just a humble set of napkins. Sometimes it is good to keep it simple.
I used some pre-cut squares I found in my scrap box and hemmed them, then a rubber stamp with fabric paint for the little sparrows on unbleached muslin. I think they are kinda sweet, and who can't use a few more napkins?

I hope you all are able to celebrate Spring today!


Jacoline (Lien) said...

we are having autumn now but the weather is great and i love it. have a grea t weekend.

d/iowa said...

happy may~

love the napkins! and the photo OF the napkins! :)

Mare said...

Those napkins are beautiful!

Alison said...

Those humble napkins are really lovely. How nice.