Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunshine On My Shoulder

We have been having glorious weather these days. It is beginning to feel like Summer, stirring up visions of trips to the beach, music in the park and Strawberry Jam! I don't know how long it will last but, I fully intend to enjoy it. Fortunately our basement has dried out and the only lingering reminder is a slight paranoia around doing the laundry (our old fashioned plumbing was the cause of the trouble).

I have finished a few of my many projects.

Here is the Teachers Tote that was meant to be a gift for Teacher Appreciation Week, now an end of the year appreciation gift. Fortunately teacher Joyce knows nothing of this little blog so it will seem as though that is how I intended it all along. I love the vintage tea towel yardage I used, quite cheery.

I will be posting later this week about my pattern testing for Wondermommy, a great experience.

In all the upheaval of this past week I forgot to mention our newest chick chick. She is an Ameraucana (they lay green eggs, Sam I am!). I have named her Suki. Here are the dears recovering from flood rescue.

The large red one is Fran, though I have taken to calling her Francine. She is obviously older than the other two and so seems more the apron wearing, rolling pin carrying, mother hen type. Yes, let's hope she is indeed a she. The quintessential yellow chick is Tweet Tweet, she's a little like Baby Spice - blond, cute and a little ditzy. I am still learning about Suki. They are all doing well.

Well, I'm off to plant the rest of the vegetable starts we picked up yesterday, the garden and the coop are coming along nicely.

I thought I would leave you with a great link with all sorts of free patterns and tutorials for bags. Go on, check it out and make your own tote bag! It's a great beginning project and if you aren't a beginner, you know you can still use another tote bag. Why, they come in handy for all sorts of things...
Grocery Shopping
Trips to the Library
Beach Gear
Hauling a load of chick chick meal
School Bags
Carrying sundries in your bicycle basket
Toy Bag for the kiddies
They make great gifts
and on and on and on
Find it all here


d/iowa said...

what a great tote! you are so fun and creative... i bet you make your own strawberry jam too.

i can't wait to see suki's green eggs :)

Adorebynat said...

Boy, am I glad to find your blog. Interesting! and I enjoy reading it. Looking forward to reading more. :-)