Monday, May 11, 2009


I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day, I certainly did.
It began with Mr. Nova whipping up a batch of his famous and entirely too delicious Belgian Waffles. Yes, my man is known around here for being a somewhat mad late night baker, lucky me. You should taste his coffee cake, it's heavenly!

After breakfast we packed up a picnic lunch and headed out on an adventure. We drove to Sauvie Island and headed out on the Warrior Rock Trail. A perfect day for a walk in the woods, partly cloudy with sun breaks dappling through the trees. The trail is next to the beach where we saw some Sturgeon fisher folk and sailboats gliding past. There were views of the mountains covered in snow and a cacophony of bird song in the air. It was just the thing, quite needed - to be out in the green with my dearest ones. The only disaster was when I came upon a snake (no, that was not the disaster), I picked it up to show my girl and after a good inspection, I let it free to go on it's merry way. Well, you'd have thought the sky was falling what with the amount of wailing let loose by my girl. "He was my best friend, I love him, GET ME MY SQUIRMY!!!!" If she chooses, she will make an excellent actress someday. Soon, the fit fizzled and she decided it was time to search for bears. It was entirely wonderful.

On the way home I spied one of these for sale
1974 International Airstream in good condition for a bargain price. It was then my turn to wail and fit and say, "It's my best friend, I love it, GET ME MY TRAILER!!!!!" Even at a bargain it's not in the budget. My fit lasted a little longer than my girls but, it finally settled into a quiet melancholy that is still felt today. I will have to tell you the story of my own Airstream someday, it's lost to me now and I occassionally pine for it.

Later in the day, I was given the gift of a cool couple of hours to myself. Being much inspired lately by the extremely clever Tif at Dottie Angel, I've been spending some time reading her gorgeous blog, usually with bits of drool at the corners of my mouth. She creates magical things with a vintage vibe and writes a most entertaining and thoughtful blog. Check out her Etsy shop. Due to this inspiration, A-Thrifting I did go. It has been ages since I've been able to thrift, it was once a passion born from necessity. Most of the stores close to me are full of rubbish but, I did manage to pick up a couple of wicked cool mid-70's embroidery books, vintage sheets for summer dress making and some great books for the kidlet.

As a final note, the chick chicks are in smashing form. The first day and night I fretted like a nervous new mama, checking them constantly. Now we have found a more reasonable rhythm and routine. Irma is the biggest and least frighty. Fran is a wing flapper and yodel cheeps in a most amazing way. Tweet Tweet is aptly named for she tweets quite a lot. They are all sweet little gals (I hope).

Goodness this was a long post, so much news. There is more to share but, I'd best get to the making, many projects await. Have a great week.


dottie angel said...

how lovely to see a fellow rambler, "ramble" to their hearts content and we are not talking the walking kind of rambling here...
my heart skipped a few beats at your lovely scenery pics and then it flat out did a high jump at the lovely embroidery book and vintage linens...
so happy to hear your mother's day was so well spent.
my little chickie peas spent their first night out in the hen house last night and i have to tell you it is a miracle i slept a wink...
it's hard being a mother hen at times :)

Tif x
PS. ooh, and thank you for your kind words about me, it warms my heart :)

Nancy Craig said...

What beautiful pics! You are already showing your talent- just think what you will be like after you finish your class.

Jacoline (Lien) said...

Sounds like a great day. I wsh I had enough money to buy the trailer. I love it.

d/iowa said...

the rock trail looks awesome!
are you getting closer to an etsy store of your own????? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??

love your thrifty finds :)

ps- i love dottie's squirrel dish towels!