Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Memoriam

Yesterday, one of our wee chick chicks succumbed to one of the great mysteries that sometimes befall baby animals. I fretted and fussed when I noticed her listless behavior, her disinterest in water and food and how she had dropped her wings. Oh, dear little Irma, I knew then you were not long for this world. We could not help ourselves, we grew hopelessly attached to every one of our 3 babies and we found ourselves in the thick of a deep sorrow.

Irma was named after one of my favorite '60s soul singers, Irma Thomas. She recorded a brilliant rendition of Time Is On My Side. Sadly, for this Irma, it appears it was not.

We will return to our urban farm store to replenish the brood and begin again.

So, alas though we hardly knew ye, you were cared for little chick chick.


Unknown said...

That's so sad and I'm sure Stella cried. She is such a tender soul. Glad you are getting a replacement.

Maevy said...

So sad Irma did not survive, but that is how nature is sometimes. Hope the other chicks are doing fine.

dottie angel said...

blimey, you poor dears... such a load of heartache at the mo.
i shall keep my fingers and toes crossed at all times for the new addition to stay well and healthy. this may prove tricky for sewing and blogging purposes but i am willing to make the sacrifice for you and your little feathered friends :)

diane said...

hope miss stella is doing ok.