Monday, August 11, 2008

Where is my mind

Seems to feel a bit like the end of the Summer push these days. Trying to cram it all in and make the most of it. August is always music time, what with all the Park concerts, festivals and friends playing here and there. Then, there is my job booking a local bluegrass band, Jackstraw. This next week is going to be a big rush to book for winter and put together next year's festival packets. I'm thinking I wont have much time to spend here at the blog, nor at my other pursuits.

...and then there's the garden. August is ripening time, can't wait to pick the first tomato. We have had a few lemon cucmbers for our table recently, fantastic! The eggplant is busting out as well. What was I thinking planting a pie pumpkin in our small space? It was a whim that has taken over the yard, oh my. The Pumpkin that ate NE Portland! How many pumpkin pies can one bake? I mean you already know I love pie, but this is rediculous. I am also wondering if we will get to the blackberry jam this year, so much harvest gold, so little time.

My daughter asked me yesterday, "Mama, do you want to play The Crazy Life with me?"
I said, "I'm playing it all the time."

Boys of Summer

I have been threatening to come up with more boys wear but, to be honest, I haven't made much of a dent. I put together these shorts, a modification of one of the big 4 patterns. I have mixed feelings about the success of this particular endeavor and have received mixed reviews. They are made of the loveliest soft brown denim I picked up at Bolt here in Portland. My friend Tricia called them "hippy shorts". I think it's back to the drawing board until I can call it good.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Family Tradition

So, finally! I think I am almost recovered from last weekend's Pickathon adventure. It's a yearly 3 day music festival on an 80 acre farm just outside of Portland. This year was the 10th annual for the festival. We have been in attendance the last 4 years at least and it is always a good time. We camp on site, bring our instruments for the ample "pickin'" opportunities that pop up around the camps, listen to great music going on at 5 different stages throughout the property, cook up good vittles at base camp or sample food from the great vendors on site (late night pad thai cravings satisfied), and on the final day, end up happy and completely exhausted. This year was especially tiring, chasing Stella over 80 acres non-stop for three days wears a person out. That is one fast 3 year old!

There was a great sampling of music this year, as always. Though I have to admit, I caught a lot of it as I was running by trying to catch up with my runaway baby. My husband did take his turns at the chase so I could settle some on our blanket and take in the tunes. Some of the standouts this year for me...Justin Townes Earle, Samantha Crain an up-and-comer, the everybodyfields- sweet harmonies, Wayne Hancock-just great, Langhorne Slim-great energy, and of course, The Gourds-one of my all-time favorite bands. Really too many to mention, I suggest you go over to Pickathon's website and take a look and listen to some sweet music.

My favorite time of the day at the festival is right when you notice that true evening is coming on, the color shifts in the sky spinning gold and silver, just getting a chance to really look around you and take a deep breath. The Doug Fir behind you, the mountain ahead and a bit of grace on the breeze. Is it possible to feel nostalgia for a moment you are in the midst of? "That's the time I love the best..." it also usually coincides with the babe down to bed and my first beer of the day, which holds it's own magic. It's around this time that the lovely soft and sweet sad bands are playing on the main stage and everyone seems quiet and content. It is this part of the day that fills me with grattitude - for where I live, the family and friends I am so blessed with and music, music, music.