Monday, October 31, 2011

The Tale of a Long Lost Lumberjack - The Final Chapter

It's Monday and that means it's story time! The final installment of The Lumberjack's tale is here!

Last time we left off with the Lumberjack spending some time on a commune, you can read about it here. As his memory returned and he stopped drinking the tea, he knew it was time to move on. He said his goodbyes to the plant lovers and walked off in the early morning haze. He walked down the road a piece and formed a plan in his mind. He decided his best bet was to get to the coast. He hitched a ride with a big-rig truck driver and found himself in a small sea side town at the edge of the Pacific. Having worked a commercial fishing vessel a few years ago in Alaska, he looked for work as a deck hand down at the docks. He found work on a ship named The Dizzy Dame that was headed North, getting him closer to home.

The second day at sea near dusk, a terrible storm hit. Lightening struck, waves crashed and the ship was tossed about like a toy. LJ's foot was caught in some rigging and he fell on the slippery deck...all went dark.

He awoke just as the sun was rising, only to find himself barely hanging on to a bit of wreckage from the ship, adrift in an endless ocean. But wait! Was that land on the horizon? With his last bit of strength he paddled towards the tiny speck of an island. By sunset he crawled ashore and collapsed in exhaustion.

Moments later, he was surrounded by indigenous islanders who carried him off into the jungle.

The tribesmen hauled him up into the trees and imprisoned him in the branches above the jungle floor. All efforts to communicate with the tribe were ignored. After a while The Lumberjack found himself alone in the night. He fell asleep for a few hours, waking up with a start at the cry of some exotic jungle bird in the distance. He dug in his pocket, yes it was still there, his bit of string! LJ carefully worked at the knots of the trap until he could slip out. Using his string as a lasso, he made a crude zip-line and was able to slide down to the ground.

As his boots hit the earth a loud din of shouting broke out, and he saw that the tribesmen had been camouflaged in the brush. He wondered if there was any way he could out run them. It was too late, they had grabbed hold of him and were raising him above their heads. LJ was confused, were they smiling and laughing, what could this mean, what would come next?

They brought him to the village, placed a crown of feathers on his head and began singing and dancing near the fire. They smiled and cheered the Lumberjack, giving him a place of honor among the festivities. LJ wasn't sure what had happened, but he decided the best thing was to go along with it. Someone handed him a goblet of fermented drink that tasted like nothing he had ever had before.

The party kept on, LJ felt fantastic, things were getting a little weird, but that was ok. He began to tell his story to one of the tribe, how he desperately wanted to get home. The man just smiled and nodded and laughed. And then...

LJ remembers very little after this point. He recalls trekking through the jungle, climbing an ancient ruin, and paddling out to sea in a canoe.

He also says he has a vivid picture in his mind of riding a Unicorn, but he is fairly certain that was some kind of hallucination brought on by the fermented drink.

Two days later, his canoe was spotted by a passing yacht. He was brought aboard and given safe passage to a port on the Northern Oregon coast, where he was able to catch a ride from a friendly hippie all the way to our front door!

Phew! Amazing isn't it? We are so glad he's back home. He has no plans for further adventures at the moment. LJ says he is just gonna take it easy for a bit, settle in for the winter and maybe write a book about his journey.

And the moral of this story is, always carry string!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

This Morning

This morning a fairy princess is home sick. She was in terrible shape and thought she might die, going to school was simply out of the question! However, now that we have called in to inform the school of her dire state and she is safely ensconced in the flannel jammies and a nest of pillows and blankets, she seems quite a lot better...hmmmm.

This morning I have 1998 emails in my inbox. This is ridiculous! This is because I am crazy. By crazy, I mean I do the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Many of these emails are actually comments from my blog that I read early in the day, thinking to myself, 'Oh what a nice comment, I will have to reply to that lovely person later on when I have a minute.' So, I save the email to remind myself and when later finally comes, it's well past my bed time and I feel badly and think to myself, 'Right, first thing in the morning I'll send off some nice notes.' And then the cycle starts all over again. Beneath my calm, well organized surface, there lies a seething pit of chaos.

This morning I have to start a project that needs to be completed by this afternoon and I haven't the foggiest notion of what I am doing.

This morning it is cold and gray; I am contemplating a second cup of coffee and wondering if we have the ingredients for making scones, but knowing full well we do not have cream. There is no sense in making scones without cream, trust me.

This morning I am hoping that you are all well and happy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Be Bold

After finally coming out from under the covers, I discovered that I am terribly behind. Much to do my friends! Many thanks are owed to the Engineer for laundry doing and dish washing, you are a gem my dear! And thanks to you all for your get well wishes, they helped a lot.

I've decided that today I am brushing away the cobwebs that collected in the corners of my mind last week, and shooing away the drab and drear. I am contemplating brights, going bold!

I have this little bit of trepidation, wondering if it will all work out. Can I pull this off, this loud experiment? Still, I am remaining steadfast and determined, I will go forward into this bright and bold new world.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Sorry to have gone missing, but I'm working undercover at the moment. Actually, I have just been under the covers with a bit of sick. Regular programming will continue once I shake free of the grip this thing has on me.

Until then, be well.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sweet Mollie Chickens Can Fly!

A friend of mine gave me a little scolding this morning, saying I had been quite remiss in not mentioning my pages in Issue 5 of Mollie Makes. It is still available on the shelves in the USA, but not for too much longer!

I have a little wallet how-to in this juicy issue!

There is also a gorgeous looking bag I might have to make one or 5 of!

This issue can still be found at Barnes and Noble!

Thank you to the very sweet Mollie Makes Mag for all the love!

In completely unrelated news, we have discovered that some chickens can fly! Cookie is a flying Houdini that one is! She is worrying me and my neighbors to no end. Time for yet another trip to the hardware store to secure the perimeter!

Have a lovely day and watch out for flying chickens!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tale of the Long Lost Lumberjack Part 3

Hello Monday! Yes, it's time for another installment of the Lumberjack's amazing adventure. A long way from home, many trials and tribulations befell him, yet he keeps on keepin' on. That Lumberjack has got a lot of pluck!

If you need to catch up, or need a little reminder you can click here for the full scoop.

As you may recall, LJ was working a farm tending to the horses whilst being tended to by the lovely Farrah. Though it was a goodish life and he had no complaints, LJ still felt an itching to get back on the road to try and find his way home.

So the Lumberjack said a tender farewell to Farrah and walked on down the road. Since he was working for his keep, he didn't have too much money in his pockets; he decided his best bet was to hobo on a west bound train. He hopped a freight under the cover of night and made a pallet on the floor of a box car. He was soon lulled to sleep by the clickety clack of the train going down the line.

Somewhere close to dawn he was startled awake by a commotion. Just then he felt a hard kick to his soft underbelly taking the air right out of him. As he was gasping for breath the beefy arms of a railroad Bull lifted him up and tossed him out of the moving train! He landed most unfortunately with a knock to the head and everything went dim.

Most fortunately, the tracks bordered the property belonging to a commune of plant spiritualists, a group of which were out for a sun rise wild-crafting walk. They stumbled upon the Lumberjack and gently roused him from his unconscious state. They took him back to the main house, plied him with medicinal teas and discovered that the poor man was quite dazed and suffering from a bit of amnesia.

The group decided to give him the name of 'Nightshade' for the time being and told him he was welcome to stay as long as he liked.

Understandably, the whole situation was rather unsettling to the Lumberjack, but his nature was one of rolling with whatever life threw his way. He settled into the daily routines of the commune. He wasn't entirely sure how he felt about the commune's whole ethos, but they certainly did have a way with the garden.

Perhaps there was something in those teas, LJ or 'Nightshade' as the case may be, found himself spending time communicating with the plants.

One day during morning meditation in the healing garden, he began to get a few flashes of memory. Every morning after that more pieces of the puzzle began to emerge from the depths of his mind. It wasn't all there yet, but he could wait.

Meanwhile, he found peace tending to the gardens and having long pleasant conversations with the flora.

Until next time...

Friday, October 7, 2011


When last I spoke of my adventure to Seattle, I mentioned a little thrifty shopping I think. I thought I might show off my treasures from that trip along with some other treasures that have recently come into the little green cottage.

That beautiful old mirror in the photo was from my trip to Seattle. It runs the width of my mantle and is quite heavy. It was a crazy steal for $4 and a special treat from my friend Tif. The blue bottle is from the Engineer as a thoughtful replacement to a similar bottle that was broken some time ago. Good man!

Also from Seattle, a couple of vintage crochet lacy bits. All freshly laundered and looking so pretty.

From another thrifty outing a little bit of 'vintage spring' in the form of sheets. The yellow ones keep whispering "curtains" to me.

This next treasure was a sweet gift from the very kind and also amazingly talented Jess of Teddy Bear's Wednesday.

An amazing red work blanket. My photo does not come close to doing it justice. It is so gorgeous! Her stitching is beautifully done and I can't believe I am now the owner of this heirloom piece. Thank you Jess!

The last treasure I will share with you is neither vintage, thrifted, nor handmade... though it will assist me in hand making. It is something I have wanted for a long while and finally screwed up the courage to purchase. Ta Da!

Aww Snap! That's right folks, I bought myself a professional snap setter HOORAY! Many thanks are owed to the kind Sara of Willow and Moo for giving me some sound advice on this purchase, thank you! And yes, I suddenly have the urge to 'besnap' (besnapping is much like bedazzling only with snaps) everything!

Right, well thank you for letting me share my treasures with you. Do you have any new treasures?

Have a grand weekend all!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A little adventure of my own

Looking down the hallway of The Moore Hotel in Seattle, my room key jangling in my hand, and all on my own...I felt rather adventurous. Perhaps it had something to do with the leopard print carpet. Having just driven three hours through thunder and lightening then arriving to a sunny Seattle, my spirits were high and so were my hopes.

In a very short time I was going to meet up with my friend Tif à la Dottie Angel before the launch of her book later in the evening. A most auspicious occasion indeed!

The launch was held at Assemble Gallery and Studio, a perfect place for a happy gathering. Andie and Emily (proprietors) were so very kind. If you happen to be in Seattle, I recommend stopping in for a look-see.

Dottie's display was gorgeous, no surprise there. It was a fine affair all around, with so many nice folks coming in and staying for a chat and to have their books signed of course.

I met some people of note as well. The wonderful Marjan of CowRoad and I spent some time chatting with Tif's very lovely adopted Auntie! I was also so pleased to meet Janine of UPPERCASE and her family. I am completely in awe of what she accomplishes and the beautiful products she creates.

And of course, the woman of the hour herself was stunning, charming, and altogether the very picture of an authoress of an amazingly unique book!

After a successful night I headed back to my hotel and fell asleep to the hustle and bustle of a Friday night on the streets. The next morning I met up with Tif for a bit of thrifty shopping. I'll have to share my treasures with you next time. Then it was time to drive home.

All in all it was a grand adventure and I feel quite fortunate that I was able to go. Now it's back to work...busy bee you know!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Harrowing Tale of a Lost Lumberjack - Part 2

Hello Monday! Today is a gray and soppy wet one so it seems the perfect sort of morning to continue on with the story of our dear Lumberjack. If you recall our last installation, we left the poor LJ trudging through the bush looking for a peopled town and breakfast. If you would like to settle in and get comfy, I shall go on.
After wandering for what seemed a very long time indeed, The Lumberjack finally came to a very small town, the name of which has slipped his memory. He tells me that he followed a narrow lane that led into town and there spied a gathering of sturdy towns folk having their afternoon chat in front of the general store. He was quite a sight, dirtied and scraped from head to toe. The towns folk heard his story and offered him a steaming mug of coffee and a cheese sandwich.

As he had no money on him, just a bit of canvas and string, he was offered a job at the local rock quarry so that he might earn enough to purchase a bus ticket in the general direction of home.

He was hired on as a dump truck driver, he was a hard worker and gained the respect of the locals. He was given a place to bed down in the back of the feed store in exchange for custodial duties. Since the towns folk were mostly a stoic bunch not prone to gossip, they never asked much about The Lumberjack's life before stumbling into their little township. The Lumberjack found this quite agreeable as he had no desire to make himself too comfortable since he was just passing through.

After earning enough to pay for a bus ticket down the road, he packed up his canvas and string, said his goodbyes to the kind folks of Anytown USA and boarded the Greyhound West.

It is at this point in the story that things take a bit of a hazy turn; something about a rest stop break, a gang of thugs in the parking lot of a 7-11, a scuffle that resulted in a sound pounding, and a bruised and confused Lumberjack helplessly watching as the bus pulled away leaving him behind.

Now you might think that this was just the limit for poor LJ, but as the cosmic wheels turned, another opportunity would avail itself to him. A pretty young farm forewoman happened to witness the events as she was purchasing a packet of red licorice from the convenience store. She bolted from the shop and ran to his aid. That was how he landed a job as a farm hand. He worked with the horses mostly; mucking out stalls, grooming the fine animals, tidying the tack, and fixing fences. His bruises faded and his wounds healed quickly under the attentive care of the young forewoman. Though I pressed, LJ was not forthcoming about the extent of his relationship with the lovely lady who looked after him. He did finally tell me her name after a bit of cajoling. Her name was Farrah.


By this time you may be understanding that this is a tale that must be told in serial, bits at a time - epic as it is and long. Remember though, The Lumberjack was lost for the better part of a year, certainly you can understand that to tell it quickly, to be chincy with the details would be most unfair. So, I am thinking that the remainder of this story should be told in weekly installments. Monday mornings seem just right, a tale of adventure to start out the week! Oh yes, I do like that don't you? It's settled then, Part 3 will begin in a week's time, wherein LJ takes leave of the farm, moves on down the road and falls in with a commune!