Monday, June 6, 2016

PDX Gold Dust - Local Rustic Vintage Treasure

You know how it is when you discover a new and truly special gem of a shop, you just want tell everyone about it, or the flip side; you want to keep it a secret 'cause it's awesome and you kind of want to keep it all to yourself? Well, that just wouldn't be fair to y'all. You need to know, it's kind of my job really.

So, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the gorgeous and fascinating 
Located at 3012 NE Alberta, Portland, Oregon

It's a beautiful space filled with vintage and rustic pieces, as well as hand crafted items by local artists. Open just over a month, I've already been there a few times, and walked out with treasures each time.

This unique shop has been the long time dream of owners and professional treasure hunters, Sarah King and Blest Von Weter. (Full disclosure: I have known these two fabulous people for quite a few years and can attest to their ability to curate the most amazing array of beautiful objects!) Sarah and Blest have been best friends since school days and make a fantastic team.

Every time I walk into the shop, I see so many new things and I am hard pressed to leave them behind. Seriously!

From the vibrant Kantha Quilts hanging from a hundred year old barn ladder, to the beautiful patinas on antique hand tools, to the unique pieces of hardware... it's quite the wonder.

Blest creates fantastic electrical lights from vintage lanterns, heaters, and hand built pendant lights from reclaimed wood. All the vintage pieces in the shop are carefully chosen and artfully displayed.
PDX Gold Dust truly is a special place, if you are local, or visiting from out of town, you owe it to yourself to stop in. Tell them Lola sent you!

If you want to learn more and take a gander at their latest acquisitions and upcoming events, I suggest you like their Facebook Page HERE  and follow their Instagram account at pdxgolddust

Welcome to the neighborhood PDX Gold Dust!