Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vainglorious: Or - It Was Fun, It Was Hard, I Learned A Lot

So, enough about me, let's talk about you. What do you think of me?

According to one source, not much. I thought I knew everyone who read this blog, personally. Thank heavens for family and friends. Then I received an email from someone who came across my blog and wrote me a little note. Apparently there is something about me that just didn't set right in this person's craw. Now, I'm o.k with that, you can't please everybody and I certainly wouldn't want to try. So, I let it go, sort of.

I ended up talking about it with a friend of mine and it got me thinking about why I do these things I do. My friend suggested I blog about it, and so...

I started sewing again because of my daughter, whom I love with all my heart. I will admit that when she sees my latest creation and says, "Oh my gosh! It's beautiful! I love it!", it makes me feel all smiley and good. I want to create things for her that are unique, charming, beautiful - like she is. So, I do this for my daughter.

I also do it for myself. Yup! That's right, it is about me. I continue to sew, design and fiddle about with fabric - for me. I do this for the same reasons I write songs, play guitar, sing and grow a garden. I am not brilliant at any of these things but, I do it because I love it. Because it challenges me, it satisfies and fulfills me, because it brings me joy and teaches me. Because, I can't imagine not doing it. To enrich my life, express myself, take risks, put myself out there, play with new ideas and find joy in it, makes me a better person, a better mom.

Fame and Glory? No, I'm never gonna be a rock star, write the great American novel, or be the next Jean Paul Gaultier of children's fashion. Still, having my own business is a goal that I am working towards, slowly - oh so slowly. It may pan out, or not, I don't know yet. This is all a process and I'm learning as I go. I will be honest and say that when someone stops to give me a compliment on something I've made, it makes me feel good. What can I say? However; I am also humbled and inspired by those who are turning their dreams into reality and the amazing artistry I see every day of those who are willing to share it with us. I may not be the best or the brightest but, at least I am willing to give it a try.

So, thank you - for getting me thinking, and remembering why I do these things I do.
I do it for love.


stacebro said...

I sneer at whoever it was that sent you anything other than love and appreciation for sharing yourself--and your talents and passions--with others. I discharge my nose in his general direction.

Unknown said...

Oh, I totally agree with the above post. As you know I have had more than my share of negative energy sent in my direction. I will let you in on a little trade secret of mine when dealing with these naysayers...for every nasty effort on their part visualize a decrease in overall penile size (what's the female bad juju equivalent?) on their part. Realize, they are desperately unhappy and have a snide circle of very small aquaintences who say mean things about them behind their back. And then focus on something YOU LOVE:).

Anonymous said...

I really needed to read this. Your words are so true, and I will carry them with me. Thanks.