Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's The Big Idea

It's quiet in the house, but for some Hawaiian slack key guitar coming from the stereo. My husband is away at the Green Build Conference in Boston and the girl is snug under blankets. I am taking a moment to take stock of things. This is busy time and I feel like I'm falling behind. All my good intentions keep wiggling away just beyond reach. I need to get to the holiday making, I want to be prepared. There's the rush of time and the slowness of hands to contend with. I just keep getting interupted with new ideas and it's distracting. I know, I know...I am grateful for the ideas - 'cause sometimes they don't come but, I keep jumping too far ahead of myself. I am trying to gear up for the new year, I have these big plans see...Lola Nova is on it's way to becoming a more realized vision - I hope. I need to focus and suddenly all I can think about is chickens.

1 comment:

Claire MW said...

Uh I contagious?!

I haven't been able to think about much besides chickens for weeks now!