Monday, April 6, 2009

Give Away Winner & Operation Chicken Coop

Thank you all for joining in the fun. The winner of little bear is Carrie from Whole Cloth Designs. I will be sending you an email today. For those of you who so sweetly worried about my girl missing out on the bear, do not fret, my girl's soft toy collection runneth over, a lot!
I am planning to have another give away soon so, stay tuned!

Now, in other news...
This weekend was glorious. The sun shined triumphantly and I soaked up as much vitamin D as I could to carry me through whatever weather lies ahead. We were abuzz with activity. Lettuce and Chard and potatoes oh my, all planted snug in their beds. The big buzz though,was the setting into motion of Operation Chicken Coop! Yes, it's official, we are on our way to becoming the neighborhood chicken folk. We can have up to three hens within the city limits. No roosters allowed (I am perfectly fine with that as I have had my share of rooster show downs ala spaghetti western style, but that is another story entirely).

Most of our time and labor was spent hacking away at the behemoth laurel hedge to make room for our feathered friends. On Saturday we had a couple of helpers and still only managed to take out a third of said behemoth.

Bessie was called into service to haul nearly 500 lbs of shrubbery to the city compost. That was less than half of the pile! The rest will be fed into a rented wood chipper dontcha know, next weekend.

Cutting away the hedge has revealed a few things. A much bedraggled Camellia bush/tree struggling for light, a much bigger back yard and an ugly cement wall belonging to the building behind our house. Eventually the rest of the hedge will be removed and my aesthetic sensibilities will need to be appeased in another project, but for now it just looks awful.

During this makeover it was discovered that my girl is indeed part monkey.

Here is the super handy Mr. Nova at work on the coop. See the little monkey in a tutu in the tree?

She took a little break from the climbing to do a bit of booty shakin' to Led Zepplin.

Looks as though it's becoming a right proper little house for our tiny flock. All that's left is walls, windows, nesting boxes, a caged run, a fenced run and...whew! And boy are my arms tired.

P.S. Thanks to all our helpers, Mr. Nova for being so handy and dandy, Mr. Sun for shining on us and to all of you for inspiring me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giveaway prize, Alex! I'm envious of that chicken coop. Maybe next year we'll get our act together on the chicken front.

Unknown said...

What a fun weekend. I can't wait to see the finished product. I am hoping Mr. Sun comes our way soon. I am sure tired of this cold weather. We had a work day at church Sat. morning and except for the wind, it was warm enough - then wham, down in the 30's and lower. Hoping for a warmer tomorrow. Give the monkey a hug for me.

Claire MW said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!! The things I miss when I get too busy to read blogs. It's shameful! I can't believe I missed your giveaway. What an adorable bear. I will have to keep a better eye out for the next one! And now a coop! I'm soooo excited for you and your girl! What fun! What breeds will you get? That coop is just looking FAB! The dancing shot was precious!

Unknown said...

I love your little monkey! She does know how to dress - she'll probably design winning fashions one day. Her color sense is fabulous! Congrats on getting so far with your coop -

Nancy in Atlanta

diane said...

looks like gorgeous weather there- and i agree with my mom- i LOVE your tutu monkey in the tree. she is super cute! led zepp huh? no snoop?

Jacoline said...

Thant is great, wish we had chickens. have a great Easter, next year your own eggs!!