Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Begets Another

A little while ago I had a custom order for some baby clothes. The woman who ordered them showed them around to her co-workers. One of her co-workers then commissioned me to make up a similar set.

I have been wanting to try free motion machine embroidery for a while now but, I don't have the proper presser foot for my machine. Well, I decided to wing it and make an attempt with what I had. I drew a picture free hand with a fabric marker then made my practice run. I was a bit unsteady at first, filled with trepidation but, I kept on. The result turned out much better than I expected and that first practice piece ended up as a pocket on the new outfit! Yay, a new skill. Now I am ready to machine embroider anything and everything. Watch out, no clothing item is safe!

If you click on the photo, you can better see the pocket.
Now, I would love to own one of those fancy embroidery machines that they have now but, they are so expensive. It will be years before I invest in one. In the meantime, I can play around with this method and see what other things I can create.

There has been a flurry of activity at the cottage lately and so much I need to catch up on here on the blog. I need to update my lovely readers on the state of our garden, the progress of the chick chicks and their abode, the latest Lola Nova creations and much more. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

What a darling outfit! You are extremely talented.

Nancy in Atlanta

diane said...

OMG you SERIOUSLY need to get an ETSY store going. that is absolutely adorable! we find out the sex tomorrow so i hope i can order a cute girly outfit soon!

Claire MW said...

Wow! That is GREAT! I love the embroidery. It really adds a special touch. You are so talented and I wish you would start making adult clothes because I'd wear that outfit for my gardening. OK, I'm a bit of a freak, but it looks so comfortable!

Can't wait to see the chicken coop.