Friday, November 20, 2009


Yesterday was a day of "Firsts" 'round here. Very exciting stuff I tell you.
After waiting, and waiting, the ladies finally delivered. We found our first egg in the hen house!!!

This made for quite a lot of excitement, more than may seem reasonable to some still, we hopped around and exclaimed joyfully, even did a little jig.

It was also the night little Miss Ringlet had her very first sleepover! Oh my she is getting so very grown up.

...and if that wasn't enough...
I got to play music and sing on stage for the first time in almost a year. My dear friend Little Sue, invited me to sing at a benefit with a whole mess of incredibly talented musicians.

Photo of Little Sue

I had such a good time! Made even better by being able to sing along with The Engineer on banjo and his cousin on cello. We enjoyed so much wonderful music and company, it was a hoot!

Quite a day to be sure...and a very late night for me. I stayed up way past my bedtime and woke before the morning light so, tired I am. I am off to make that 2nd cup of coffee now. I shall return on Monday much rested and with a tale of a lark.

Wonderful weekend sweets!


Floss said...

Glad the singing went so well - what fun - and that other things are going welll too. Have a great weekend. Looking forward to the lark tale!

Pomona said...

Have a really good weekend! The early eggs are often double-yolkers as well - look out for those - the children always get very excited about them.

Pomona x

lifeshighway said...

Have a wonderful weekend, my multi-talented friend.

You may have a market for your crafty egg coddler.

Vic said...

Oh I had no idea you were such a talented Mama! Sound like you had a blast, and HURRAY for first eggs!!

(We have a couple of broody ladies here right now, and they are hogging the favourite nesting boxes, so we are finding misplaced eggs from desperate hens all over the place!!!)

Beck said...

What a lot of great things are happening in your world!! I love the eggcitement! The first egg needs to be celebrated, wow!! And aren't you the amazing one...getting up on stage and doing your thing?!! Well done, it sounds like you had a lot of fun too. As for the little ringletted one, what an angel she looks. Glad she had a great time at her first sleep over, love the hair! xo

Kylie said...

Congratulations! Sounds like fun :)
Nothing quite like that first egg, is there? ;)

june at noon said...

So many great happenings, and what a gorgeous little girl!

Anonymous said...

She is beutiful !!!!!!
Lil' hank wants to know what you sang though and way to ge back on stage

Aussie-waffler said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend. A fresh egg, I would do a jig too, and probably drop the egg..oops

74 Lime Lane said...

Yay for the girls. We went through this moment of excitement only a couple of weeks ago! And now an abundance of fresh eggs. Enjoy.

diane said...

congrats on the egg and the successful TW gig! might i add that little miss ringlet is absolutely gorgeous!

Pia K said...

oh, your own eggs, what a treat! some day i must read up on why and how chickies produce eggs or not...

little miss goldilocks is adorable! oh i would have loved to have such ringlest at that age AND a pink streak:)

and congrats to the music session, sounds awesome! once upon a time i played the guitar (and before that flute), not without talent but probably too lazy to make something from it. and no i have no singing voice whatsoever. what a blessing to have though!