Friday, December 18, 2009


I have giddy feeling of joy in my heart and a song on my lips. I had a truly lovely birthday day yesterday. It began with Miss Ringlet singing her interpretation of the birthday song to me. What a nice way to start the day!

I had arranged to be solo for a few hours in the morning to indulge in the rare thriftapalooza. I drove all over kingdom come to my favorite thrifty haunts, unimpeded by appointments or a runaway girl. Sadly, the thrift store shelves were woefully barren of the treasures I had imagined in my fevered mind. I did come out with two small finds and spent very little money, so...

I received some spectacular gifts. I must say, I am a very lucky duck indeed.

A nice bottle of wine and some homemade kahlua from sweet friends.

The most fabby wrist warmers, handmade from recycled wool sweater. I am in love with these and have been wearing them non-stop. Look at their splendid stripeyness! They are from Prairie Path. These were from my mother in-law, the very kind Fancy Nancy Jane. She also gave me a handcrafted necklace from another artist but, it seems Miss Ringlet has squirreled it away somewhere I can't find it.

In the post, I received a package of birthday glee from the very dear Dottie Angel. A gorgeous Japanese craft book and a copy of The Artful Blogger magazine. A vintage tablecloth that left me in a deep swoon for several minutes. And my very own "forsaken soul". Oh the delight!

From The Engineer, who is really quite a good gift giver, a new phone to replace my old failing dinosaur of a phone. He was taking note of how I struggled so pathetically with the texting thing and so this one has a flip out keyboard, nifty! Isn't it spiffy looking too, even all blurry like that in the photo? Then, because he is a very good man, he gave me a gift certificate to my favorite little beach cottage...any two nights of my choosing...for a solo coast trip. Yes, just me and the gulls and the view from my windows over the ocean!

I ended my birthday day with an evening in the company of a very dear friend, sipping wine on the front porch and talking about our lives, it was just the right way to end the day.

I am so very moved and grateful for such wonderful friends and family. What more does anyone need? I am so very blessed as I begin a new year and a new chapter of my life. All that is left to say is this...YEEHAW!

Thanks again for being the best bunch around, you are all so good to me...and might I say, you are all so good looking!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Floss said...

What a lovely birthday! And you have a blogging MIL... coooool! as the boys would say. Or actually, I suppose they would say, 'c'est cool, ├ža!', but there you go.

A phone, a trip away, jewellery, wrist warmers, a vintage tablecloth and great company - they more than make up for 'one of those days' at the thrift shops. Have a wonderful year!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Happy Birthday-Boxing-Day Alex!
What a fandabidozeee time you have had with some splendid gifts too! Your delight and happiness shines out through this blog post, and I am so pleased you have had a Happy Birthday.
Happy Days!
Denise x

Beck said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!! sounds like you had the best time ever. What a lot of lovely, loving people you have around you, and some gorgeous pressies too. Love the stripey wrist warmers xo

Vic said...

Oh I'm so glad you had a great day, with those you love, and with rather wonderful gifties too!

Before that picture of your birthday wine, I misread I'm afraid... I thought you wrote "..I'm a very lucky drunk indeed!" ;)

Hope you have a glorious birthday week, because you are allowed to you know!

Hashi said...

LOVE the solo trip away. That would totally thrill me, too

june at noon said...

So glad you had a wonderful day. Happy, happy!

Pia K said...

happy belated birthday, alex! (i will make a note for next year...:) what wonderful, wonderful gifts, the wristwarmers, the red (swoon) phone and the days in a cottage are my three favourites, if i was to pick. but of course the diversity and the thoughtfulness of all the gifts and birthday moments are wonderful, together they weave a special and memorable day for a special woman.

Unknown said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Your days sounded wonderful. I especially love the idea of homemade kahlua. What a perfect present from your husband. But of course you deserved it all! xo m.

Aussie-waffler said...

My oh my, it does sound like a wonderful birthday indeed. Wrist warmers AND two nights at a beach cottage, you are so lucky :)

crzylady said...

SQEEE For all of your amazing gifts! What a good man you have! Two night all to your self. Delightful.

I'm sorry your thrifty trip didn't turn out as planned (it is a bit close to xmas for full shelves ;) )

Hope the rest of the year continues to be lovelye

lifeshighway said...

I am sorry I missed this post earlier but so very happy for a wonderful birthday. I could feel the warmth and peace emanating from your entry. Hope all your days this next year is filled with this much love.