Monday, February 8, 2010

A Change of Plans

Change, is it the spice of life? Wait, I think the saying goes, "Variety is the spice of life." Well, never mind, we have lots of both going on 'round here.

Have you ever zigged when you should have zagged?

Way back in November, I told you all of a little Lark, don't remember? Not to worry, I will summarize. I had gone on an interview and was offered a job as a freelance sewing instructor at a new fabric boutique that was to open this month. I was going to be able to create my own classes and would be teaching twice a week. It had a certain draw to it, and in some way, it felt as though it might more legitimize what I love to do. A little extra money is always a bonus (very little extra mind you). I thought to myself, "Well, this is something I should do, it's going to be good for me." You are a very observant lot, and by now you may have picked up on a certain lack of robust enthusiasm on my part.

Perhaps there was a twinge of fear, a worry that I might not be able to "pull it off", and then the whole scarcity of time issue. Knowing myself well enough to predict that I would be throwing myself into the work, taking on the role of 'doer of jobs' that were not part of the original contract. Recollections of my last secular position came to mind; where I was doing four separate jobs for the price of one and absolutely ragged at the end of the day. Despite all that, I was on the verge of going for it!

Then life gently tapped me on the shoulder saying, "Excuse me dear but, I'm afraid there are some pressing matters that need your attention." So I teetered there for a moment, weighing the situation at hand. Then life gave me a big ol' whack and said, "Come on now!" There were time consuming and specific challenges ahead with Miss Ringlet, both The Engineer and I were confronted with family concerns that could have us jetting off on the spur of the moment, and with a couple niggling health issues of my own...I realized that with family being priority #1, I must turn down the job. So, turn it down I did but, I was able to keep open the idea of future possibility with the shop owner. What's that they say about 'when one door closes, you'll have to climb through a window'?

Well, that was a lot of 'hoo ha' just to tell you that I didn't take a job that you had entirely forgotten I had even mentioned in the first place! "Riveting!" I hear you mutter under your breath. It's a roller coaster ride over at Lola's, you betcha!

Perhaps you will be more excited about the fact that later this week I will be giving away a pony!

O.k. No I'm not.

I will be back though, and who knows, anything could happen!


Floss said...

Sounds like you've made a wise decision - it's sometimes hard to say no to an offer, just because you 'could' do it. But that doesn't mean you 'should'. Thinking of you with the family and health issues...

Sherri B. said...

Dear Lola, I am pretty new to blog land and I have just started my own blog thanks to you and some others that I admire. I had to leave a comment (not very good at that yet but trying)after reading this post. I can totally relate to what you are going through. This could have been my very words so many times in my life. I had to learn the hard way but it sounds as if wisdom is in charge for you. Your family is very blessed to have your love and highest concern for them....I have chickens too. and I LOVE your story about the Dutchgirl and Lumberjack. You are a joy.

Mom L said...

You made me laugh, girl. I hope life keeps you laughing as well.

Nancy in Iowa

crzylady said...

Congrats! This, too, has been a goal - the figuring of priorities, I mean. It takes a lot to say no and to not feel guilt. When really it should be about "ME" what do I want and why do I want it :) I hope your changes gives you lots of spice (in a good way, of course)

. said...

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Lola Nova said...

Your kind words have made feel even more that the right decision was made, thank you for being buddies of the best sort!

and Jus, You'll have to pay for shipping:)

Sherri B, thank you so very much, I will have to come by and take a look at your blog soon.

harmony and rosie said...

Good for you for putting yourself and the family first, very important. Plus with your stripey sock collection you can walk into any good job tomorrow, don't you worry!!

june at noon said...

I can totally understand. It's way too easy to have something start small and turn into something huge and before you know it, it's stealing you from more important things, no matter how fun it might be. Wise of you to think ahead and realize it's not the right time, but to leave the door open for tomorrow. ;)

Mare said...

Doesn't it seem that these tempting offers come always at a time when you KNOW it would be too much, pull you in too many directions, and yet....i know you made the right and best decision my friend.

Aussie-waffler said...

I think I know how you have been feeling. For me, this is that 'face the cross-roads' year, make some decisions, take some steps forward. *Gulp* Yep, slowly slowly, baby-steps.

Unknown said...

I hear you sister. A few opportunities have come up for me this year, but if it doesn't quite fit and your heart is somewhere else, it's not worth the energy. I am sure your perfect "thing" will pop up when you need it most. xx

Vic said...

Hey Sweet Thing - you made the best decision for you & yours, and have full access to that (ground floor) window should you need it. That. Is. All. That. Matters.

A pony you say...?! My mother, who lives hours & hours & hours & hours & hours & hours & hours & hours & hours away from my Grandmother, convinced her that she had bought a clydsdale horse, you know, one of those increadible big beasts with the fluffy feet... everytime my gran rang my Mum or visa versa, she would ask how the horse was going & my mum would say "Just fine" or "A bit quiet". My gran would go on & on to me about how silly it was for my Mother to have a horse. "What does she need a horse for? Does she go grocery shopping with it?!"

..I had no idea my Mother had bought this horse, called "China" & I rang her, outraged at not being informed of such a cute & horsey development...

That is when she told me that "China" was china. IE A porcelain ornament.

"All I told her was that I bought a clydsdale called China."

She kept up the charade for FIVE YEARS. I was her ultimate undoing. It all got too much during one of Gran's horse rants & I couldn't stop laughing.

Don't ever tell me any secrets, will you?


lifeshighway said...

I do vaguely remember the mentioning of the job... You learned a valuabe lesson on saying "no"

and what the heck...

You offer a pony, A PONY, and then take it away.

diane said...

i think you made the right decision- plus, 'Life' ALWAYS wins over other things- every time. then later you look back and realize it all worked out perfectly. right? just agree.

Pia K said...

sometimes life gets in the way of plans, and it can be both good and bad. but an initial lack of real enthusiasm (i know i loved the sound of it when you first told though) is a proper warning sign. i know. i'm struggling with something similar at the moment. i wish i could say a firm 'no' and have some really good option instead. alas i can't and there isn't, so i grin and bear.

anyway. i do hope everything will work out in a lovely way, health issues and otherwise. you're so talented and wise i'm sure it will!

love that mini cupboard, the denim garment for pony girl and the bread look scrumptious!

take care, sending positive thoughts from sweden :)!