Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Roadside Attraction

So, now that I'm making my way back to blogtown, I can finally show you what I found by the side of the road. It's been a good long stretch without a roadside find. The last was a doozy! Still, I did find something...

1 funky desk that once the sun shines for a few days will hopefully be magically transformed.

1 Vintagey style bedspread. Though The Engineer made a scrunchy face - wavy hand expression at first glance, he finally did agree that it will make for a most excellent festival/picnic blanket.

1 sleeve press or smallish ironing board. I was in great need of a new one, the last two were dodgy and broke - this seems a good sturdy sort that only needs a new cover sewn.

1 Cool vintage collapsible measuring thinger, which is not truly useful but I like the looks of especially.

Now just recently, I was driving in the car with the Mr. and caught a little glimmer in the corner of my eye. As I started to pull over, the Engineer said, "whatever it is, we don't need it...no more funky furniture!" I know that sometimes, the Engineer can be a doubter of the utmost kind. Whilst he spied a big pile of junk on the side of the road...I on the other hand, spied possibility!

I told him, "of course dear, no more funky furniture. Just give me a minute."

To his credit, it was mostly a big pile of junk but, I did snag a couple of useful items.

A lovely duck egg blue hanging basket thinger that will come in most handy in my "studio". Another metal basket for storage, and a collapsible wooden peg hanger do-hickey.
It does my heart good to know that these items will be given new life and usefulness and that in my own small way, I'm helping to keep them out of the landfill. I will also admit, that it gives me a thrill, makes my heart go skippity skip, to find treasure by the side of the road.

I'm off to see about some caterpillars who are promising to form chrysalids any minute now. I shall be back soon with a game of musical cabinets.


Sherri B. said...

My gramps had a measuring stick like that, he used it like the modern tape measure. * I didn't know Porltand had junk piles on the street. My daughter lived in N.Y. and once a month they had a big garbage day for furniture etc. * Mr. B. sometimes has a raised eyebrow about my finds too.* I must admit I am a bit jealous about your road finds...Don't get me wrong I am very happy for your finds but wish I could come across a good pile.* Have a good day.

Rubyred said...

Oh I do love your roadside finds!Especially the desk and the hanging wire baskets!My heart would go skippity skip too!
Hope the Engieer isn't in too much pain!
Rachel x

Wendy said...

I'm so jealous! I'm still awaiting my first roadside find. What kinds of streets to you drive down? Do you set out looking or usually just happen upon all the free goodness?!

lifeshighway said...

You must define roadside finds: Are these items in a yard sale, were they set up of trash pick up... please clarify. I love the desk. I am a nut for warm old furniture. the blue basket is also quite cute.

Lola Nova said...

A roadside find is anything left by the side of the road and up for grabs. Could be another person's trash is someone else's treasure, or left overs from a yard sale with a sign saying, "FREE". These are items that are absolutely FREE and nothing was paid for them (but for the occasional heavy labor involved in a larger piece).

The best chance for roadside finds is during nice weather around the end or first of the month when people are moving and realize that they are not going to lug that stuff to the next abode.

I usually come upon them when going about my normal routine and driving through the neighborhood. Sometimes though, I get a little tingle in my left elbow and take a turn down a new street to find a treasure. I also seem to have (at times) a peripheral vision acuteness that hones in on such things. It's a gift.

diane said...

you are QUEEN of the ROADside!!

lifeshighway said...

Thanks for the clarification. It does sound like a gift to me. I am a "un-clutter", so people can roadside by my house any time.

My arch nemises is hubby - "the pack rat"

Katiebee said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the desk! The tape measure that you found is great for when you have to measure something by yourself, it doesn't move like the flimsy ones!

Pia K said...

the desk rocks!! and with ne colours... swoon.

i'm about to clean out and give away my old (inherited from dad) desk that isn't really me no more and to nice to transform with paint and such. it's a monster of a desk and i hope someone else will love it...

Vic said...

Ah... that first picture & the goodies within it has made me very happy!

I like that chunky desk very much & covet the mini-ironing board-sleeve-press whatsit, that would be perfect in my wee loft!

I've not found any roadside goodies for eons.. I shall have to live vicarously through you, if you don't mind.